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November 10, 1986

Cable No. 3027, Foreign Minister to Ambassador Nakae, 'The Prime Minister’s Visit to China (The Meeting with Chairman Deng - on the Philippines Situation)'









Received at 12:47:26, November 10, 1986


Drafted on November 8, 1986


Primary: Director General of Asian Bureau approved


               Director of China Division approved


From: Foreign Minister

To: Ambassador to China


Title: “The Prime Minister’s Visit to China: The Meeting with Chairman Deng: on the Philippines Situation”


Cable No. 3027


Secret, Urgent




When asked by the Prime Minister what he thought of the Aquino administration, Deng said that China has a friendly policy. I think the trend of the Aquino administration is good. And while there will be many difficulties ahead for the regime, China will not do anything to embarrass the regime. There are problems with the Communist Party and the guerrillas, but China doesn't help the guerrillas. This was clearly communicated to the Philippines.


(The Prime Minister asked if he could tell them the above story as he is meeting with President Aquino on May 10.) That's fine.


[Cable] relayed to the [Japanese diplomatic missions in] the Philippines.


Chairman Deng explains China's relations with the Philippines.

Document Information


2017-0638, Act on Access to Information Held by Administrative Organs, published online by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, January 12, 2017. Transcribed and translated by Yamaguchi Shinji.


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