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November 11, 1986

Cable No. 3175, Ambassador Mikanagi to the Foreign Minister, 'The Prime Minister’s Visit to China (Republic of Korea’s Expression of Gratitude)'

Number: [blacked out]


Primary: Asia - Northeast Asia


Sent: Republic of Korea, November 11, 1986 [blacked out]

Received: MOFA, November 11, 1986 [blacked out]


To: The Foreign Minister

From: Ambassador Mikanagi


The Prime Minister’s Visit to China (Republic of Korea’s Expression of Gratitude)


No. 3175 Secret Urgent [blacked out]


On the 11th, Asian Affairs Bureau Director Kwon conveyed the following to Tanino:


(1) We received a briefing from the Japanese Foreign Ministry in Tokyo regarding the Japan-China summit meeting. Upon our immediately conveying its content to the top of our government, the Republic of Korea’s leadership was profoundly grateful in particular to Prime Minister Nakasone for his raising issues between the Republic of Korea (ROK) and China during his visit to China.


(2) Meanwhile, a foreign wire story from Beijing was carried in the ROK, with such exaggerated reporting as the ROK side having requested that Japan deliver a personal letter from the president to the Chinese side. The ROK Foreign Ministry has responded with the line:


a) It is not true that we made a request this time of Prime Minister Nakasone in advance of his trip to China that he deliver a personal message.


b) Prime Minister Nakasone knows well from his talks to date with the ROK leader the thinking of the ROK side, so we think that on that basis he explained our thinking suitably to the Chinese side.  (Outgoing Telegram No. 3158 – 2)


(Bureau Director Kwon mentioned, “In fact, that is the way it was, so there probably will not be any problem.”)


Relayed to [Embassy in] China (End)


The Japanese Ambassador in Korea reports that the ROK government is pleased that Nakasone raised the issue of ROK-PRC relations while in China.

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2017-0638, Act on Access to Information Held by Administrative Organs, published online by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, January 12, 2017. Translated by Stephen Mercado.


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