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September 2, 1949

Cable No. 3582 from Flilippov [Stalin] to Cde. Mao Zedong

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COPY OF AN OUTGOING TELEGRAM                               TOP SECRET


CABLE Nº 3582


received at 0020 2 September
sent at 0215 2 September





Pass the following to Cde. MAO ZEDONG:


“To Cde. MAO ZEDONG. With great regret we have to inform you that the aircraft which left KULJA [Ghulja] a few days ago on which the delegation of democratic organizations of XINJIANG was travelling to the Political Consultative Conference in BEIPING happened upon unfavorable atmospheric conditions in the region of IRKUTSK and suffered an accident, during which both the pilots as well as the delegation perished.


We are taking steps so that a new delegation is sent from KULJA to the Political Consultative Conference in BEIPING, although with fewer delegates.




Telegraph when this is done.


Three copies made
copies NºNº 1-2 to Cde. Poskrebyshev
copy Nº 3 – to Cde. Molotov


Typed by Plyvkina
at 0230 2 September
Nº 5369


Verified by Shift Chief Sadov[in] 0350


[Stamp: Subject to return to the
VKP(b) CC Special Section 1419
Incoming Nº 2924/shs 2 September 1949]


A delegation of democratic organizations of Xinjiang crashed on its way to Beijing. The delegation included Uyghur political leaders Abdulkerim Abbas and Ehmetjan Qasim.


Document Information


RGASPI, f. 558, op. 11, d. 332, l. 8. Translated by Gary Goldberg.


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