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July 30, 1985

Cable No. 387, Foreign Minister to the Ambassador [Kato], 'Problem of the Release of the American Hostages (Special Message to Foreign Minister Shara)'

Number: 064837-002


Draft Telegram


Drafted:  July 30, 1985


Primary: Middle Eastern and African Affairs Bureau Director-General


To: Ambassador to Syria [Kato]      

From: Foreign Minister


Problem of the Release of the American Hostages (Special Message to Foreign Minister Shara)


No. 387 Secret Urgent (Priority Processing)


(Limited Distribution)


Re: [TN: Handwriting Indistinct] Outgoing First Middle East Division Telegram No. 3836


1. The special message to Foreign Minister Shara in initial outgoing telegram’s section 3 is as per separate telegram, so I would like you to deliver it orally to the highest level of Syrian senior officials possible and respond by telegram with the results.


Passed along with separate telegram to United States.




A telegram instructing the Japanese Ambassador to Syria to deliver a messages from Foreign Minister Shara orally to Syrian officials regarding the release of the American hostages in Lebanon.

Document Information


Diplomatic Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, File No. 2017-0631. Translated by Stephen Mercado.


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