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November 3, 1949

Cable Nos. 826-827 from Shtykov

[handwritten across the list of addressees: to Cde. Malenkov [[illegible word or words]] the Koreans]



Strictly Secret


[handwritten in the left margin: S-196 6 November 1949]


Copy Nº 1 FORMAT

Copy Nº 2 to Cde. Stalin

Copy Nº 3 to Cde. Stalin

Copy Nº 4 to Cde. Molotov

Copy Nº 5 to Cde. Beria

Copy Nº 6 to Cde. Malenkov

Copy Nº 7 to Cde. Mikoyan

Copy Nº 8 to Cde. Kaganovich

Copy Nº 9 to Cde. Bulganin

Copy Nº 10 to Cde. Vyshinsky

Copy Nº 11 to Cde. Gromyko

Copy Nº 12 to Cde. Men’shikov


Copy Nº 13 copy



Nº 34201-34202

1220 3 November 1949

Copy Nº 2


Spets Nº 826, 827



In accordance with the USSR Council of Ministers decision of 26 June 1948 equipment has been supplied to Korea for an arsenal. The equipment supplied has been basically installed and in November a majority of the shops will be handed over to the Koreans for operation. This decision also provided for the delivery of an instrument and partially of the metal for the manufacture of weapons and ammunition during the plant’s startup period.


As a result of the aid of our specialists the Koreans have quickly mastered the production of weapons and ammunition and at the present time are exceeding the estimates for the production of weapons and ammunition which were envisioned by the Council of Ministers decree for the delivery of the instrument and metal.


[Translator’s note: the following paragraph was highlighted in the left margin]:

However, the Koreans’ instrument industry and also the mastery of some kinds of metals (that is, steels for the PPSh [the Shpagin submachine gun], mortar tubes, etc.) are backward.


In September 1949 the Koreans addressed a request to the trade mission for the delivery to them of some equipment, steels, and an instrument for an arsenal.


The trade mission accepted the Koreans’ request and sent it to Moscow on 16 October. However, this request has still not been examined by the Ministry of Foreign Trade.


[Translator’s note: the remaining paragraphs were highlighted in the left margin]:

At the present time a difficult situation is developing in the arsenal because of a lack of some metals and the instrument. The PPSh shops which were put in operation, the cartridge [shop], and even the shell foundry are beginning to come to a halt.


The stoppage of just the shops of the plant which have been opened up might cause great damage and leave a bad taste with the Koreans.


Please raise the question before the Soviet government of granting the Koreans’ request to give them further aid in starting up the arsenal.


3 November 1949  



13 copies, me

printed 3 November 1820


Distributed at 1925 3 November   Authenticated [by] [illegible signature]

Issued by Plotnikov


[handwritten: 9152



Shtykov requests the Soviet government to give Koreans further aid in instruments for an arsenal.

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RGASPI, f. 558, op. 11, d. 346, ll. 0061-0062. Contributed by Sergey Radchenko and translated by Gary Goldberg.


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