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April 11, 1958

Cable from Qiao Xiaoguang to the Central Committee, 'Korea Has Decided Not to Send a Party Delegation to Yugoslavia'

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[North] Korea Has Decided Not to Send a Party Delegation to Yugoslavia


[To the] Central Committee [of the Chinese Communist Party]:


On 11 April [1958], I gave the “two letters” to Comrade Kim Chang-man, Vice Chairman of the Korean Workers’ Party [Central Committee], and, according to the 9 April instructions from the Central Committee, gave an explanation [trans. note—presumably the “letters” are the editorials published in the People’s Daily in early June about Yugoslavia]. Kim said that after receiving an invitation to the [Seventh] Congress of the [League of Communists of] Yugoslavia, they initially were going to send a representative to participate, but according to the relevant situation of the views of the [North] Korean Ambassador in the Soviet Union, and after the Workers’ Party Standing Committee researched [the matter], they have decided not to send a delegation. He [Kim] agreed with our Central Committee’s point of view and expressed thanks for the “two letters” from the Central Committee that were given to him. Kim also said that parties in other fraternal countries don’t have any issues, [but] want to see how the Polish [United Workers’] Party is doing.


Qiao Xiaoguang

11 April [1958]




Qiao Guanhua reports that the Korean Workers' Party will not send a delegation the 7th Congress of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia.

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