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December 13, 1979

Cable, South Korean Ambassador to the the South Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs, 'The Statement by Assistant Secretary Christopher'

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Receipt of Telegram

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Number: USW-12186                              

Date & Time: 131940


To: Minister [of Foreign Affairs]                



From: Ambassador to the United States


Title: [Regarding] the Statement by Assistant Secretary Christopher


Regarding Case WUS-1284



Continuation of Case USW-12166


Upon inquiring the [U.S.] Department of State regarding WUS-1284, it has been told that the media report [mentioned in] WUS-1284 was a response made [by Assistant Secretary Christopher] according to the contents of the 연호 official statement in response to a question from an AP reporter asked during Assistant Secretary Christopher’s visit to the Senate. Assistant Secretary Christopher had been visiting the Senate regarding the Iran issue after having approved the Department of State official statement on December 12. 


However, if there is something that Assistant Secretary Christopher had commented in addition to the 연호 official statement, it is that [he] hopes that the December 12 Incident will not affect President Choi’s efforts for improving democracy, and that there is a possibility that the U.S. Ambassador to South Korea has been instructed to figure out and report the local situation. The relevant response had been conducted casually, so there is no transcript of this.


(미북, 미안)


A telegram regarding the case of WUS-1284 and U.S. Assistant Secretary Christopher's response to media reporters about the December 12 Incident.

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South Korean Foreign Ministry Archive. Translated by Manhwi Sohn.


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