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November 28, 1979

Cable, South Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs to South Korean Ambassador to the UK, 'Soviet Union’s Suggestion to the North Korean Puppet Regime to Invade the South'

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Registration Number: 79-704



Number: [The Possibility of] Soviet Union’s Suggestion to the North Korean Puppet Regime to Invade the South


To: MP Ridsdale

Sent: Minister of Foreign Affairs


Regarding: UKW-11105, UKW-1135


1. [This is] in regards to the opinion made by the aide to the Premier, “Piwu,” to MP Ridsdale on “Soviet Union suggesting the North Korean puppet regime to invade the South.” Until now, the Soviet Union, like PRC, has generally been regarded to be in favor of maintaining the current status quo in Northeast Asia by the four powers, and to not be in favor of disrupting the status quo on the Korean peninsula.


2. Especially in contrast to how, as indicated in your report (UKW-1135), PRC, as it had been before, is in favor of maintaining the status quo and stability on the Korean peninsula even after the October 26 Incident [occurred] in our country, according to “Piwu,” the Soviet Union is suggesting the North Korean puppet regime to invade the South. It is deemed that such statement from “Piwu” is worth paying attention to, given his position in the public office.


3. As above, if there is an appropriate chance to meet with MP Ridsdale, inquire more specifically and report on the circumstances of the Ridsdale discussion and what the MP’s observation is like on “Piwu’s” statement [such as the following]: whether if the above statement from “Piwu” is purely his own personal opinion or if it seemed to be PRC authorities’ official opinion; whether if such comment on “Soviet Union suggesting an invasion of the South” is something that came out after our country’s October 26 Incident; and on what basis did “Piwu” make such a statement, etc.

A Member of Parliament in the UK reports on information about the Soviet Union allegedly pushing North Korea to invade South Korea.

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