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April 15, 1961

Cable from Wang Bingnan, 'The Situation of the Talk with Ochab'

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The Situation of the Talk with [Edward] Ochab


[To the] Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Central Liaison Department:


Yesterday during the Polish Prime Minister’s banquet held for Prime Minister Souvanna Phouma [I] talked with [Edward] Ochab, a Polish [Communist] Party Central Committee Politburo Member and the Secretary of the Secretariat. Ochab discussed the Moscow Meeting, past disagreements, and how to deal with these differences as follows:


‘During the time of the Moscow Meeting, when disagreements were fully exposed, my Party representative felt deeply disturbed. We were relieved afterwards, as both the CPSU and the CCP made concessions, and both sides strove to reach an agreement and make a contribution.


The Polish United Workers' Party is friendly toward China. For example, when disagreements arose with the CCP, the Polish United Workers' Party did not see those differences as disagreements over fundamental issues. On fundamental issues we are unanimous. The disagreements are only differences of strategy. Just as within one party there are people who believe one thing is good while other people believe something else is better, in the end everyone can still find the best course.


We do not live in an ideal paradise, and therefore difficulties may arise. But these problems can be overcome. In order to resolve the differences of opinion, [we] must have patience. The conditions to resolve some issues have not yet matured and [we will] have to wait one to two years. As practice as proven, when the conditions are ripe, [we will] then go resolve [the problem].’


Ochab also said: ‘We have already instructed the newspapers and enjoined them to have systematic news coverage on China and to have reports which can attract readers. We believe that the cooperation between the media of both countries should be strengthened.’


When discussing our country’s agricultural harvest issue, he said: ‘I hope that China can achieve a good harvest. We understand the tremendous difficulties of 1960, the consequences of which cannot immediately be overcome. But we believe that the Chinese [Communist] Party not only has the ability to overcome these difficulties, but to overcome even greater difficulties. China’s economic construction can develop smoothly.’ He said that growth for this year Poland’s winter harvest was good; the best year since the war. [They] estimate that every hectare [of land] can yield a quintal [of crops].


Ochab also discussed Laos and said: ‘Right now the problem is one of how to compromise. The Pathet Lao have made tremendous progress, but the imperialists will not give in easily. Our principles should be, ‘what has already been gained cannot be given up.’ In the current balance of power, we can preserve our achievements and lay a good starting point. The Laotian problem still requires a final resolution.’


Wang Bingnan

15 April [1961]




Edward Ochab insists that Poland "is friendly toward China."

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PRC FMA 109-02311-01, 4-5. Translated for CWIHP by Charles Kraus.


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