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April 21, 1955

Cable from Zhang Hanfu, 'Daily Report on the Activities of the Delegation'

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Forward to: Soviet – European Department, International Department, First Asia Department, Second Asia Department, Europe – Africa Department, American Australian Department, Intelligence Department, Consular Department, Protocol Department, Human Resources Department, General Service Department, Research Center, Authority Committee (for rank of Commissioner above)


Priority: Rush

From: Bandung

Date: 1955, April, 21

Forwarded to: Chairman, [Liu] Shaoqi, [Zhou] Enlai, Zhu De, Chen Yun, [Peng] Dehuai, [Deng] Xiaoping, Chen Yi, [Xi] Zhongxun, [Yang] Shan Kun, [Hu] Qiao Mu, Su Yu, [Wang] Jiaxiang, [Li] Kenong, [Lu] Dingyi, Foreign Commerce Department, Military Intelligence, Unified Military Command, Central, Deng Tuo, Yang Gang, [Wu] Lengxi, Central Confidential Center


Daily Report on the Activities of the Delegation


Ministry of Foreign Affairs:


On the 20th, at 8AM, Bandung city organized a choir of tens of thousands of students to welcome the delegation from various countries to the Afro-Asian conference. From our delegation we had Vice-Premier Chen [Yun], Minister Ye Jizhuang, Liao Chengzhi, Qiao Guanhua, Da Pusheng and other comrades attend [the occasion]. From 9AM to 12, 3PM to 7:20PM, Premier and Chen [Yun] Vice-Premier continued to attend the meeting of delegation heads (the political committee). At the meeting, it was decided that the eight countries of Afghanistan, Burma, People’s Republic of China, Thailand, Indonesia, Iran, Syria and Pakistan will form the draft resolution committee on the Palestine issue. The two small economic and cultural committees also held separate meetings in the morning as well as the afternoon. At 1PM, Premier [Zhou Enlai] accompanied by Vice-Premier Chen [Yun] and myself, invited three people, the Cambodian delegation head Prince [Norodom] Sihanouk and other representatives to lunch. At 7:30 at night the Syrian delegation head came to visit the Premier. At 8:30 at night, [Jawaharlal] invited Premier [Zhou], and the delegation heads of Thailand, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia to dinner. At 8:30 at night, the Egyptian Minister of National Guidance came to visit Vice-Premier Chen [Yun].


On the 21st, at eight in the morning we attended the eight country small group meeting. At 8:30AM Vice-Premier [of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam] Pham Van Dong came to visit Premier [Zhou] and Vice Premier Chen [Yun]. 9AM to 1PM, 3PM to 7PM Premier and Vice Premier Chen [Yun] continued to attend the meeting of delegation heads. 11AM, the Draft Resolution Committee on the Issue of Racism convened. Also held in the morning was the economic committee. Then in the afternoon, the cultural committee was held. At two in the afternoon, Premier [Zhou] went to visit Prime Minister Ali of Pakistan. At three in the afternoon, Vice-Premier Chen [Yun] attended the Draft Resolution Committee on the issue of West Irian. At 8PM, Prime Minister Nasser of Egypt invited Premier [Zhou], U Nu, and the Nepalese delegation head to dinner.


Zhang Hanfu

21 April [1955]


Zhang Hanfu’s telegrams to PRC Foreign Ministry reporting on the Chinese Delegation's Activities at the Afro-Asian conference on April 20 and 21


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PRC FMA 207-00016-01, 44-45. Translated by Jeffrey Wang.


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