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December 12, 1979

CC CPSU Politburo Resolution # 176/125, Concerning the Situation in "A" [Afghanistan]


Top Secret
[stamp: ] SPECIAL FILE

Chaired by comr [ade] . L. I. Brezhnev

Also present: Suslov M.A., Grishin V.V., Kirilenko A . P . , Peltshe A.Ya., Ustinov D.F., Chernenko K.U., Andropov Yu. V., Gromyko A.A., Tikhonov N.A., Ponomarev B.N.

Resolution of the CC CPSU


Concerning the situation in "A"

1. Ratify evaluations and measures set forth by Andropov Yu.V., Ustinov D.F., and Gromyko A.A. Authorize them to introduce amendments of non-essential character in the course of the execution of these measures.

Questions requiring the decision of the CC [Central Committee] should be expeditiously introduced to the Politburo.

The execution of all these measures should be entrusted to comr[ade]s. Andropov Yu.V., Ustinov D.F., and Gromyko A.A.

2. Entrust comrs. Andropov Yu.V., Ustinov D.F., and Gromyko A.A. to keep the CC Politburo informed on the status of the execution of the outlined measures.

Secretary of CC [signature: "L. Brezhnev"] N[o] 997- [?I (1 c[opy]) P[rotocol] 176/126 from 12/XII/1979

[signatures running diagonally from left to right on the upper half of the document are as follows: Andropov, Ustinov, Gromyko, Pel'she, Suslov, Grishin, Kirilenko, Chernenko [?], Tikhonov, [illegible] 12/XII [12 December], [illegible]]

26.XII [26 December], and Shcherbitsky 26.XII.79

Document Information


RGANI (formerly TsKhSD), f. 89, per. 14, dok. 31 [cited by Archive-Information Bulletin, 1993 as RGANI, op. 14, d. 31, ll. 1, handwritten original, special file, CC].


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