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August 28, 1969

The CCP Central Committee's Order for General Mobilization in Border Provinces and Regions

CCP Central Committee Document

Central Issue (69) No. 55


Chairman Mao's comment: Act accordingly.


Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party



To the Revolutionary Committee's of the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions along the frontier; the revolutionary people of all nationalities; and all officers and men of the Chinese People's Liberation Army forces along the frontier:


Under the guidance of the our great leader Chairman Mao's wise leadership and the spirit of die party's "Ninth Congress" and inspired by the great victories achieved by the our country's Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, our socialist motherland is thriving even more, the revolutionary people of all nationalities are inseparably united, and the situation is excellent. However, the class enemies in China and abroad are not willing to resign themselves to defeat. The US imperialists and the Soviet revisionists are stepping up their collusion and are plotting to encroach upon our great motherland. The socialist imperialists of Soviet revisionism are ever more frenziedly and persistently carrying out armed provocations on our border. The Indian reactionaries are also watching for an opportunity to make a vain attempt at trespassing and violating our national frontier.


The borders of our great motherland are sacred and inviolable. To defend the motherland is the sacred obligation of the people of the whole country. In this regard, the soldiers and people in the border areas in particular have direct responsibility. In order to defend the motherland, to defend our borders, to defend the great achievements of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, to consolidate the proletarian dictatorship, to prepare to smash the armed provocations by the U.S. imperialists and the Soviet revisionists at any time, and to prevent them from launching sudden attacks [against our motherland}, the Party Central Committee orders:


(1) Chairman Mao's great instructions on "raising our vigilance and defending our motherland" and "preparing for fighting a war" must be followed resolutely, and a high alertness to the presence of the enemy must be established. You should overcome the status oflacking alertness because of peace, and should not look down upon the enemy. You should be fully prepared to fight a war against aggression, should strengthen unity between the army and the people, and should be prepared to eliminate any enemy who dares to invade our territory.


(2) In face of a formidable enemy, the whole army and the whole people should unite together as one person, confronting the enemy with one stand. The unity within the army should be enhanced; the unity between the army and the people, as well as the unity between the army and the government, should be enhanced; and the unity among the revolutionary people of all nationalities should be enhanced. The leadership role of the revolutionary committees at all levels should be consolidated. All activities to divide our own strength should be opposed. Any actions against unity should be opposed. Bourgeois factionalism should be opposed.


Class enemies who provoke others to damage the unity between the army and the people and the unity between different nationalities should be cracked down upon without mercy. The main culprits should be punished in accordance with the law.


3. The commanders and soldiers of army units stationed on the border area must stick to their fighting posts, must carry out all orders resolutely, must obey orders and be strictly disciplined, and must be combat-ready in all aspects and pay close attention to the enemy's movement, so that they will be able immediately to take action when they are ordered to do so.


For members of the army, "no action damaging discipline will be tolerated". Members of the army must not leave their posts without approval, and are not allowed to establish liaison with other units by traveling there. Those who fail to correct wrongdoings after education will be severely punished.


4. All revolutionary mass organizations should follow the great leader Chairman Mao's teaching to realize the "great revolutionary unification" in accordance with their working systems, professions, working branches, and working units. All mass organizations that are established across professions will be dissolved immediately. Any attempt to establish a separate organization or to reestablish an organization is illegal, and organizations of this kind should be ordered to dissolve.


5. The Party Central Committee's 'july 23 Order"6o should be carried out resolutely. All factional struggle by violent means should be stopped unconditionally and immediately. All professional teams for struggle by violent means should be dissolved. All strongholds for struggle by violent means should be eliminated. All weapons should be handed back.


If any team for struggle by violent means continues to occupy a stronghold and stubbornly refuses to surrender, the People's Liberation Army can surround the stronghold by force, launch a political offensive toward it, and confiscate the weapons [held by the team] by force.


6. In no circumstance should anyone be allowed to attack the People's Liberation Army. In no circumstance should anyone be allowed to seize the Army's weapons, equipment, and vehicles. In no circumstance should anyone hinder the Army's war preparations, or expose and steal military intelligence. Any violation of the above will be treated as current reactionary behavior. Key military positions and war preparation facilities must be protected resolutely.


The secrets of national defense must be carefully maintained. The People's Liberation Army's preparations for war should be aided and supported.


7. Transportation must be protected, and the working condition of the communication system must be guaranteed. Any actions damaging railway, highway, and water transportation, damaging the communication liaison system, and of cutting off electricity lines will be regarded as counter-revolution activities, and must be investigated and severely punished.


8. The revolution must be carried out resolutely, and production must be promoted vigorously, so that extensive support can be given to the front-line. Laboring disciplines should be observed, production posts should be maintained, and the industrial and agricultural production should be carried out smoothly.


Anyone who has left his production or work post must return to his work unit to take part in "making revolution, promoting production, promoting work, and promoting war preparation." Anyone who fails to return to his own unit on time will not get salary as a worker or clerk, or will not get workpoints as a peasant. He will be disciplined in accordance with the seriousness of the violation, and can be expelled from the work force. Those who provoke or threaten the workers and peasants to leave their production and work posts must be punished severely in accordance with the law.


9. The counterrevolutionary elements must be suppressed without mercy. Those counterrevolutionaries who have connections with foreign countries or plan to escape abroad, who sabotage social safety and stability, who plunder state property, who sabotage production, who conduct homicide, arson, poisoning, and who utilize feudal superstition tp provoke rebellion, must be suppressed without mercy. Landlords, rich peasants, reactionaries, bad elements, and rightists who have not been transformed must be placed under tight supervision of the revolutionary masses and accept transformation through labor.


Chairman Mao teaches us: "We Will not attack unless we are attacked; if we are attacked, we will certainly counter-attack." Under the wise leadership and direct command of our great commander in chief Chairman Mao and his close comrade in arms Vice-Chairman Lin, if the US imperialists and/or the Soviet revisionists have the audacity to occupy the frontiers of our great motherland, we will wipe him out resolutely, thoroughly, wholly and completely.


The Central Committee firmly believes that given their glorious tradition of fighting the enemy, the army and the people on the frontier will definitely raise even higher the great red banner of Mao Zedong Thought, unite as one and close ranks to oppose the enemy, carry forward the revolutionary spirit of "fearing neither hardship nor death," and turn the frontiers of our motherland into the site where the imperialists, revisionists and reactionaries will meet their death.


Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party

August 28, 1969


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Obtained and translated by Michael Schoenhals.


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