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April 1, 1966

Central Council of the Union of USSR Sports Societies and Organizations Report on the 64th Session of the International Olympic Committee



The Central Council of the Union of USSR Sports Societies and Organizations reports that a session of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will be held in April 1966 at which a decision will be made on the site of the 1972 Summer and Winter Olympic Games.


Bids to organize the Winter Games have been submitted by the cities of Lahti (Finland), Sapporo (Japan), Calgary (Canada), and Salt Lake City (US), and for the organization of the Summer Games by the cities of Montreal (Canada), Munich (FRG), Madrid (Spain), and Detroit (US).


The Central Council thinks it possible for the representatives of Soviet sports organizations in the IOC to support offers to hold the Summer Olympic games in Montreal and the Winter Games in Lahti, and in the event that these suggestions are rejected to vote to hold the Summer Games in Madrid and the Winter Games in Sapporo.


In the opinion of the Departments, in principle the Central Council has correctly determined its positions in the resolution of the issue of the site to hold the Olympic Games. At the same time, in view of the interests of Soviet sports organizations, it is more advisable to support proposals to hold the Olympic Games in Europe since otherwise, as in 1968, the Americans will have great advantages over our athletes.


Accordingly, the Soviet representatives in the IOC ought to be charged with supporting a suggestion to hold the Summer Olympic Games in Europe, and to vote for Madrid during a specific choice of a site between Munich and Madrid. Such a resolution of the issue would also meet the interests of the GDR. In March of this year the sports organizations of the GDR made a request that Soviet sports organizations oppose suggestions to hold the Games in Munich.


The leadership of the Communist Party of Spain, as Cde. Ibarruri has reported, supports the possibility of holding the 1972 Olympic Games in Madrid.


A draft CPSU CC decree is attached.


Deputy Chief of the CPSU CC
Agitation and Propaganda


(A. Yakovlev)


Deputy Chief of the CPSU CC
International Department


(V. Korionov)



28 March 1966

[Handwritten: 1 April]



Voting instructions, and the reasoning behind them, for the locations of the 1972 summer and winter Olympic Games.

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RGANI f.4, op. 20, d. 2, l. 82. Obtained for CWIHP by Mikhail Prozumenshikov and translated by Gary Goldberg.


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