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October 24, 1962

Chief of Staff, Bulgarian Navy, Order Regarding Naval Combat Readiness

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24 October 1962

Nr. C 3198



Ref. Preparation to raise combat readiness in the formations and units of the Navy


With regard to the Declaration issued by the Bulgarian government dated 23 October[1] and instructions from the General Staff – MoD [Ministry of Defense], in addition to all other planned activities to increase mobilization readiness in the Navy, the Navy Commander




  1. To check force recruitment, ammunitions, fuel and lubricants, food provisions and other necessary supplies with regard to the requirements for combat readiness and preparation for combat tasks.


  1. To pay special attention to efficient ship repairs and where possible to finish repairing ahead of schedule without compromising quality.


  1. Duties shall continue in the Navy staff, formations and units.


  1. For the effective command of the Navy and the staffs in 11th and 12th BrOVR [naval bases or coastal defense brigades], to nominate people for operational groups, to identify secret documents, equipment and transport ready to deploy within one hour.


  1. To terminate the authorization of military personnel to go on leave, and not to call upon those who are already on leave.


  1. To appoint officers and enlisted personnel on permanent duty in storages and workshops in the Navy.


  1. To increase the number of duty forces in TKA [torpedo boat] units armed with torpedoes readiness within 30 minutes, and a duty helicopter with mounted machine-gun and readiness within 40 minutes.


  1. To check communication devices to ensure command of forces in KPKP [command posts].


  1. To prepare SNO [aids to navigation] and to be ready to enter into special working regime.


  1. To mount DShK machine-guns on KATSh [minesweeper] and stations “Rome-K” in 11th and 12th Brigade OVR [naval base or coastal defense brigades] on those ships specified in the plan.


  1. To check the state, readiness for deployment and completion of tasks of coast radio-location stations “Mis”, stations “Rome-B” and torch parties in accordance with the plans.


  1. To check the state of portable devices (torpedo barge, floating workshop, automobile transport, auto cranes), to prepare them for use in the Navy.


  1. To raise alertness, guard and camouflage of coast areas in the naval formations.


  1. The Navy staff shall work out a plan with activities to enhance visual and radio-technical surveillance and be ready to use them when an additional order is issued.


  1. By 27th this month, to check the magnetic state and to demagnetize all ships, subject to demagnetization by 5 November this year.


  1. By 25th of this month, the commander of 11th Brigade shall organize every two days during the dark part of the day surveillance with SKR-1 [frigate] of the territorial waters from cape Emine to cape Kaliakra in order to reinforce the security in the sea garden and to make the operational regime more efficient in the zone of operation of the Navy. When surveillance with SKR [frigate] is not possible, it shall be performed with a PRM [small antisubmarine hunter] in the area Kaliakra-Galata.


  1. Starting from 26th of this month, the commander of 12th Brigade OVR shall organize every two days at night, surveillance with a PRG [antisubmarine hunter] of the territorial waters between the parallels of cape Emona – Sinemoretz in order to reinforce the security in the sea garden and to make the operational regime more efficient in the zone of operation of the Navy.


  1. The commander of OPLEV [ASW helicopter squadron] shall organize surveillance of the territorial waters with a helicopter during daytime as follows: south of cape Emine to Ahtopol on 26, 28, 30 October 1962, 1 November 1962, etc.north of cape Emine to cape Shabla on 27, 29, 31 October 1962, 2 November 1962, etc. in order to improve surveillance over the sea border.


  1. Results from the helicopter and ship surveillance shall be reported to the naval staff not later than 4 hours after their return in the base (airport).


This order is in force until superseded by another order.


Chief of Staff Bulgarian Navy

Capt /N/ [signed] [Vasil] Yanakiev[2]


Printed in seven copies





[1] Declaration of Bulgarian Government on the situation at the Caribbean Sea published in Rabotnichesko Delo daily, No. 297, 24 October 1962.


[2] Admiral Vasil Yanakiev was Commander of Bulgarian Navy from March 1972 until May 1990.


The Chief of Staff of the Bulgarian Navy issued an order to prepare the Navy for mobilization, citing a Bulgarian government declaration about the Cuban missile crisis. The Chief of Staff's secret order includes 19 specific commands for preparation. Commands include orders regarding necessary supplies for combat readiness, repair schedules, deployment, arming vessels, radio communication, and increased surveillance, among others. The Chief of Staff order includes reporting requirements and specific dates for execution.

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Bulgarian State Military History Archive, Fond 1027, Opis 12, a.e. 10, p. 40-42. Translated by Greta Keremidchieva and edited by Jordan Baev. Obtained by the Bulgarian Cold War Research Group.


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