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October 20, 1949

Ciphered Telegram No. 32616 from Savel'yev in Urumchi

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Cable                             Strictly Secret


Copy Nº 1 Distribution list

Copy Nº 8 to Kaganovich

Copy Nº 15 copy

Copy Nº 2 to Stalin

Copy Nº 9 to Bulganin

Copy Nº 16 to the 10th Department

Copy Nº 3 to Stalin

Copy Nº 10 to Kosygin

Copy Nº 17 to file

Copy Nº 4 to Molotov

Copy Nº 11 to Vyshinsky


Copy Nº 5 to Beria

Copy Nº 12 to Gromyko


Copy Nº 6 to Malenkov

Copy Nº 13 to Zorin


Copy Nº 7 to Mikoyan

Copy Nº 14 to Lavrent’yev





from URUMCHI  Nº 32616  Received at  1020  21 October 1949  Copy Nº 2


Spets. Nº 327



On 20 October the troops of the PLA arrived in Urumchi. The local population greeted the PLA troops which had entered the city with great excitement and enthusiasm.


On the same day other NOA troops moving to the south of Xinjiang, reached Karasahr [Yanqi].


20 October 1949 SAVEL’YEV


17 copies. vg
Typed on 21 October at 1325
Distributed at 1420
Issued by Nekipelov  Authenticated by: [illegible signature]





PLA troops arrived in Urumchi in Xinjiang.


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RGASPI, f. 558, op. 11, d. 219, l. 111. Translated by Gary Goldberg.


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