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July 1, 1950

Ciphered Telegram No. 34691 from Feng Xi [Stalin] to Soviet Ambassador in Pyongyang Shtykov



8th Department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the USSR


Ciphered Telegram No. 34691/sh.


Pyongyang. Soviet Ambassador.


1. You do not report anything about what kind of plans the Korean command has. Does it intend to push on? Or has it decided to stop the advance. In our opinion the attack absolutely must continue and the sooner South Korea is liberated the less chance there is for intervention.


2. Communicate also how the Korean leaders regard the attacks on North Korean territory by American planes. Are they not frightened or do they continue to hold firm.


Does the Korean government intend to make an open statement of protest against the attacks and the military intervention? In our opinion, this should be done.


4. [sic] We have decided to fulfill fully by July 10 the Koreans' requests for delivery of ammunition and other military equipment. Report about this to KIM IL SUNG.


FENG XI [Stalin].


No. 362/sh


Copies: Stalin (2), Molotov





Reply from Stalin to Shtykov's telegram of July 1, 1950. Requests additional information on KPA plans and reaction to American internvention. Informs of intent to meet requests by Kim Il Sung for additional war materiel.


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