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July 6, 1950

Ciphered Telegram No. 35678 from Feng Xi [Stalin] to Shtykov


8th Department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the USSR




Pyongyang. To Comrade Shtykov.

To No. 439/sh


1. The arms will be sent through Manzhouli, Andong [Dandong], Singisiu [Sinuiju].


2. Concerning the location of the chief military adviser VASILIEV, we consider it more useful for him to be in Pyongyang.


3. We will give fully the arms, tanks and other military equipment for 2 divisions, 2 tank brigades and 12 battalions, but we consider that the main thing is not this but to fill out the existing divisions and to increase their strength approximately to 12,000. It is necessary to have attached to the divisions an apparatus for the formation of troops, which would receive the reinforcements, check and train them and after this, transfer them to reinforce the divisions. This is the main thing.


FENG XI [Stalin]


No. 374/sh



copies: Stalin (2), Bulganin



Stalin approves of sending North Korea arms through China.


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APRF, f. 45, op. 1, d. 140, l. 140, and RGASPI, f. 558, op. 11, d. 346, ll. 0140-0142.


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