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May 12, 1950

Ciphered Telegram, Shtykov to Vyshinsky

Ciphered Telegram


Strictly secret
Copying prohibited


From Pyongyang


To Vyshinsky


At the request of Kim Il Sung, on May 12 I had a meeting with him and [Foreign Minister] Pak Heon-yeong [Pak Hon Yong]. During the conversation Kim Il Sung reported to me that upon his return from Moscow he received a letter from Ri Ju-yeon [Ri Ju Yon] (ambassador to China), in which he reported about a meeting that took place with Mao Zedong and [PRC Foreign Minister] Zhou Enlai. During this meeting the question of the necessity of a meeting between Kim Il Sung and Mao Zedong was discussed. Zhou Enlai proposed that the meeting have an official character. Mao, turning toward Ri as if asking when you intend to begin the unification of the country, without waiting for an answer stated that if you intend to begin military operations against the south in the near future, then they should not meet officially. In such a case the trip should be unofficial.


Mao Zedong added further that the unification of Korea by peaceful means is not possible, solely military means are required to unify Korea. As regards the Americans, there is no need to be afraid of them. The Americans will not enter a third world war for such a small territory.


Kim Il Sung reported further that since Ri Ju-yeon did not have a commission from the Central Committee to meet with Mao Zedong and to discuss questions about his meeting, i.e. Kim Il Sung's, with Mao Zedong, they decided to summon Ri Ju-yeon and give him corresponding rebukes and instructions.


Ri Ju-yeon came to Pyongyang and on May 10 left for Beijing with corresponding commissions.


Today, May 12, Ri Ju-yeon reported that he met with Mao Zedong, who agreed to the arrival of Kim Il Sung at the time indicated by him. Kim Il Sung reported that they intend to leave for Beijing in the morning of May 13 and asked me if the plane coming for him will be ready by this time. I answered that the plane is ready.


Kim Il Sung further reported that they decided to go to China with Pak Heon-yeong, that they have not discussed the question of a meeting with Mao Zedong in the Central Committee, that he has only spoken about this question with Kim Chaek [Kim Chek] (member of the Politburo).


Kim Il Sung reported to me that they intend to discuss roughly the following questions with Mao Zedong:


1. To inform about their intentions about unifying the country by military means and to report about the results of the discussions on this question in Moscow.


2. To exchange opinions on the question of the conclusion of a trade agreement between Korea and China. He intends to propose that they sign a trade agreement in the nearest future, but that they sign an agreement about friendship after the unification of the country.


3. To inform Mao about several questions which were placed under discussion with Comrade Stalin in Moscow and about the establishment of closer communications between the Central Committee of the labor party of Korea and the communist party of China.


4. To exchange opinions on several questions which interest both Korea and China, such as the electrical station at Supung, Koreans who live in China and so forth.


Kim further asked my advice, about what kind of questions he should raise before Mao Zedong from the point of view of assistance in the intended operation. I declined to answer, stating that it is clearer to him, what he has insufficiency in and what the Chinese can help him with. Then Kim Il Sung answered that he intended to ask for ammunition for the Japanese and American arms which the divisions that arrived from China have and for some number of horses. However, after a conversation with the chief of staff of the army, who reported that they have more than 3 b.k. [boekomplekt, standard load of ammunition] of ammunition, he decided not to raise these questions. He stated that he doesn't have more requests for Mao about assistance, since all his requests were satisfied in Moscow and the necessary and sufficient assistance was given him there.


Kim Il Sung reported to me that with regard to the question of the preparation of the operation he had given all necessary orders to the chief of the general staff, who already has begun to implement them, that his wish is to begin the operation in June, but he is still not convinced that they will manage it in this period.


13 May at 5:20 local time Kim Il Sung and Pak Heon-yeong flew to Beijing.



Shtykov reports of a meeting with Kim Il Sung, in which Kim Il Sung tells Shtykov the questions he means to ask Mao Zedong in a following meeting in Beijing the next day.

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APRF, Listy 151-154, Fond and Opis not given; and AVPRF, Fond 059a, Opis 5a, Delo 3, Papka 11, Listy 100-103


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