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May 9, 1959

Code Message No. 4513 from J. Winiewicz to the Chiefs of All Diplomatic Posts

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May 9, deputy minister Winiewicz’s circular:

the influence of the Geneva conference on the actions related

to the Rapacki Plan


Warsaw, May 9, 1959



Code messagec[4513]  May 9, 1959, 16.10 hrsc


Chiefs of all Diplomatic Posts (Mission excluded).


In relation to Geneva you can be asked questions about our position on the Rapacki Plan. Reply according to the following points:


1) We uphold our plan. We believe however, that the Geneva meeting should, in the first place, focus on a peace treaty with Germany and on Berlin. A draft of a peace treaty with Germany, put forward by the USSR, does contain elements of our denuclearized zone with respect to some Germany. Signing a treaty would be therefore the best possible way to realize the nuclear-free zone in the entire Central Europe.


2) Apart from that one should distinguish between the scope of talks in Geneva from the far broader scope of summit talks. The foreign ministers should focus on discussing the most difficult hchangeshcmatters.c Other problems have already been thoroughly discussed and await hopportunityhcdecisionc that can be taken at the top. This does not mean that we do not believe that concrete progress can be hmanifestedhcmadec also in Geneva in matters that we proposed for discussion by ministers of foreign affairs.


fJ. Winiewiczf


AMSZ, ZD 6/77, w. 63, t. 927




Deputy Minister Winiewicz instructs chiefs of all diplomatic posts on how to respond to questions about the Rapacki Plan. He confirms that they will uphold the Rapacki Plan, but the topics of the Geneva conference should be limited in scope and focused on a peace treaty with Germany.


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Polskie dokumenty dyplomatyczne 1959 (Warszawa: Polski Instytut Spraw Międzynarodowych, 2011), Document #166, p.335. Translated by Jerzy Giebułtowski.


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