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September 15, 1962

Coded Message No. 13680 from Rio de Janeiro

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Return to coding section within 48 hours

Top secret.

No copying

[Handwritten] “403”


Code message no 13680

From Rio de Janeiro transmitted…. received …. Sept. 8, 18.00 hrs

Received in coding section Sept. 15, 14.45 hrs

[Handwritten in pencil]



By air[1]


I have been approached by the chief of purchases of the Ministry of Aviation Colonel Antonio Batista Noiva. On behalf of the minister, General Reynaldo Joaquim de Carvalho informing that:

1) The Ministry of Aviation is interested in purchasing 60–100 helicopters and requests:

a) Technical details of the helicopter;

b) Service life of engine and blades;

c) Photographs, brochures;

d) Delivery schedules ;

e) Do we agree to complete the transaction exclusively [in exchange] for coffee.

2) They are also interested in purchasing training aircraft, “Bies” type or, possibly, the “M4-Tarpan” and a two-seater jet aircraft.

I propose offering “17”.

If consent is obtained, please send technical information, delivery schedules, prices.

Turn over.




3) He further informed me that at present they do not have good equipment to train pilots, but are unable to buy in the US or western Europe (lack of foreign currencies), and therefore wish to reorient and purchase aviation equipment in Poland and Czechoslovakia. The last transaction that they are currently concluding in the US under the “help to progress” scheme is the purchase of Hercules-130 transport aircraft for ca 20–30 million Am[erican] dollars. 

4) They want to send their experts to Poland in order to familiarize themselves with our aviation equipment.

5) I believe that in the current political situation of Brazil, there are chances to complete the transaction involving aviation equipment.

6) In light of the above I ask “Metalimport” to send all the technical information and photographs of the aviation equipment that we manufacture and agree that we make catalogues in the Portuguese language in Brazil: helicopter Łątka and SM-1, aircraft: Bies, M-4 Tarpan, PZL-104 Wilga, Gawron.

7) At the same time, I inform that between February 15 and April 15, 1963, Sao Paolo will host an international aviation exhibition. The Brazilian government will send us an official invitation in the next few days. Details forwarded to PIHZ.[2] I propose that we take part in this exhibition, and afterwards show our equipment in other countries of South America.  

8) In the next few days, decision will be made regarding the delivery of 3 SM-1 helicopters for Petrobras.

When the license is obtained, they would wish to receive within 2–3 months.

/-/ Zabłocki



Wych[3]. No. 408

Copies [illegible]

Decoded Sept. 15 [19]62

Decoded by Szopa, verif. by Grunwald




[1] Translator’s note: This notation means that the message was encoded in Rio de Janeiro, flown by courier to Warsaw, and decoded there – trans.

[2] Translator’s Note: Polska Izba Handlu Zagranicznego, Polish Foreign Trade Chamber

[3] Translator’s note: Probably abbreviated “wychodząca” – transmitted

Zabłocki writes that the Brazilian military is interested in purchasing helicopters and aircraft from Poland and that it wants to send crew to Poland for training.


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Szyfrogram from Rio, 1962, 6/77, w-86, t-1316, AMSZ, Warsaw. Contributed by James G. Hershberg and translated by Jerzy Giebułtowski.


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