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November 7, 1962

Coded Message No. 16329 from Rio de Janeiro

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Return to coding section within 48 hours

Top secret.

No copying


Coded message no. 16329

From Rio de Janeiro transmitted Oct. 17, 14.30 hrs…. received ….

Received in coding section  Nov. 7, 10.30 hrs

By air[1]


[Handwritten notations]

Eyes only





[2 names illegible]



I have spoken with Nilton Santos, trusted associate of Goulart (see ambassador’s dispatch 451), who said that the president will immediately decide to buy 100 helicopters from Poland provided that the transaction is effected through Mr Santos. Positive decision will also be made with respect to purchases of sizeable quantities of Mazur C-325 tractors, harvest combines, and aircraft, once the helicopters have been taken care of. He demanded 10 percent commission, which is to be used to [finance]  the plebiscite. The ambassador’s opinion and our capabilities in the sphere show that he really is a man whom the president uses to do his business for him. At the cabinet meeting on October 18, stressing the need to decide on the purchase of helicopters and the need to conclude the contract before Kennedy’s visit, Santos put forward an ultimatum-like demand that he be issued a consular patent so as to present the document formulated to the president before the cabinet meeting.

Turn over.



            After extremely difficult negotiations, we have managed to reduce the commission to seven percent. Today, Santos flew to the capital. Let us stress that the official offer was submitted to the minister of aviation through the Amara firm, which has its people working in the ministry itself. These men are to make decisions regarding the technical aspects of the helicopters. Apart from that, Amara promised to provide constant technical assistance and import spare parts. For these services it will receive ten percent commission, previously assigned to it by Motoimport. This firm cannot be bypassed, nor would it be advisable. Our offer lists the following prices of bare helicopters; the communications version – 67 thousand, the training version – 70 thousand, sanitary – 73 thousand, SM2 for 5 passengers  - 80 thousand plus equipment necessary for each version around 5 thousand dollars. In comparison to Motoimport’s highest price, 59 thousand including equipment and 10 percent commission. There is, therefore, some surplus of 17 percent, which will need to be paid now. The helicopter transaction will not only have an enormous political significance, but it will also enable us to carry out other sales through Santos. On the other hand, , [our] refusal would extremely complicate [our] dealings with the government. We request approval of the above procedure and consent to granting 17 percent commission on the helicopters transaction.



Copy N 1


Outgoing no. 432

Decoded Nov. 7, 13.30 hrs

Decoded by Piecuch, Fiutowski







[1] Translator’s note: This notation means that the message was encoded in Rio de Janeiro, flown by courier to Warsaw, and decoded there – trans.

A confidant of President Goulart claims that Brazil wishes to buy 100 helicopters from Poland immediately.


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Szyfrogram from Rio, 1962, 6/77, w-86, t-1316, AMSZ, Warsaw. Contributed by James G. Hershberg and translated by Jerzy Giebułtowski.


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