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October 15, 1956

Communist Party of the Soviet Union Central Committee Report on 8 October Conversation between Ambassador Ivanov and Kim Il Sung

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The Ambassador of the USSR in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Cde. Ivanov, reported that on 8 October of this year he had a discussion with Cde. Kim Il Sung in connection with the matter of publishing the decree of the KWP CC September Plenum.


From the report of cde. Ivanov, it is clear that Kim Il Sung essentially rejected the advice concerning the publication of the entire text of the decree of the KWP CC Plenum.  Kim Il Sung requested that Ivanov convey to cde. Mikoyan that there is no need to publish the entire decree of the September Plenum, which would be circulated to party organizations for discussion.  Furthermore, the leadership of the KWP considers it pointless to give wide publicity to the decree of the plenum.  Kim Il Sung alleged that there was not, apparently, a special agreement with comrades Mikoyan and [Chinese Minister of Defense] Peng Dehuai about publishing the complete text of the decree.  


Ambassador Comrade Ivanov suggested familiarizing the Chinese ambassador in the DPRK with the contents of the discussion with Kim Il Sung on 8 October.


We consider it expedient to agree with the opinion of Comrade Ivanov.  


A draft of the telegram to the ambassador in Korea is attached.


Deputy Director of the Department of the Central Committee of the CPSU

for Relations with Foreign Communist Parties.

(I. Vinogradov)


“15” October 1956

No. 25-C-2236




Report on Kim Il Sung's rejection to publish the text of the decree of the KWP CC Plenum in its entirety. CPSU CC agrees with Ambassador Ivanov's suggestion to familiarize the Chinese ambassador in the DPRK with the contents.

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RGANI, Fond 5, Opis 28, Delo 410, List 296. Obtained and translated for NKIDP by James F. Person


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