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November 3, 1956

Comprehensive Guidance for Radio Free Europe Broadcasts

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An authoritative, cautionary US government guidance, approved by Allen Dulles and Deputy Undersecretary of State Robert Murphy, conveyed to the Free Europe Committee that afternoon.

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July 13, 1956

National Security Council Discussion of Policy Toward Eastern Europe

Senior officials discuss US policy at a National Security Council (NSC) principals' meeting on July 12. Notwithstanding less cautionary views expressed by Vice President Nixon at the NSC discussion, on July 18 President Eisenhower approved a minor modification of the draft (NSC 5608 and the annex) as NSC 5608/1 to serve as a basic statement of U.S. policy (published as redacted document 80, FRUS, 1955-57, XXV ; unredacted document 17, Békés, Byrne, and Rainer, The 1956 Hungarian Revolution).

October 25, 1956

Guidance for Radio Free Europe Broadcasts

CIA/International Operations Division guidance for Radio Free Europe at the outset of the Hungarian Revolution calls for extensive use of President Eisenhower’s September 23 statement on maintaining the spirit of freedom and for caution in pre-judging Imre Nagy.

October 25, 1956

Policy Considerations for Radio Free Europe Broadcasts

A CIA/International Operations Division official recommends policies to guide RFE broadcasting to Hungary during the revolution.

November 2, 1956

Phone Conversation on Guidance for Radio Free Europe Broadcasts

Radio Free Europe (RFE) Director Conerey Egan in New York telephones RFE Deputy Director Richard Condon in Munich to direct that RFE should report Hungarian developments and insurgent demands but not take a position for or against individual leaders or political parties.

November 2, 1956

Policy Considerations for Radio Liberty Broadcasts

CIA redistributes a State Department message of November 1 endorsing RL’s [temporary] ban on commentary on Hungarian events.

November 5, 1956

Controversy Over Radio Free Europe Broadcasting

Radio Free Europe (RFE) Director Conerey Egan reports RFE broadcasting policy problems to CIA.

November 9, 1956

Impressions of Radio Free Europe Hungarian Broadcasts

Frank Wisner discusses impressions of RFE broadcasts with interlocutors in Vienna

December 3, 1956

Rethinking the Role of Free Europe Committee and Radio Free Europe

CIA/International Operations Division routing slips raise questions about an attached Free Europe Committee (FEC) draft dated November 12 on the FEC’s role in the wake of the Hungarian Revolution and note that the FEC [in New York] did not forward to Radio Free Europe Munich certain CIA guidances on broadcast policy.

November 14, 1956

US Government Appraisal of Radio Free Europe Broadcasts

Cord Meyer forwards to Allen Dulles a State Department assessment dated November 13, 1956, of Radio Free Europe Hungarian and Polish broadcasts. The assessment was requested by Secretary of State John Foster Dulles and was prepared by State Department official L. Randolph Higgs, responsible for coordinating RFE issues with CIA, and Meyer, who objected to an initial State Department draft.

November 16, 1956

Proposed Interim Policy Guidance for Free Europe Committee, Draft

The State Department approves with “comments and recommendations” a November 15, 1956, CIA/International Operations Division draft of revised guidelines for the Free Europe Committee (FEC) with handwritten revisions [presumably by a State official].

December 26, 1956

CIA-Free Europe Committee Exchange on Control of Radio Free Europe Broadcasts

Routing slips indicate International Operations Division (IOD) dissatisfaction with the Free Europe Committee (FEC) response dated December 18 to an IOD letter to FEC dated December 3

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Obtained and contributed to CWIHP by A. Ross Johnson. Cited Ch3 n31 in his book Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty, CIA mandatory declassification review document number MORI 1426274.


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