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June 14, 1937

Concerning the 36th Division of the NRA's Appeals to the Soviet Government

MINUTES Nº 49 of the



DECISIONS OF 17 April - 15 June 1937





[handwritten at the top of the page: point 539 is in classified storage;

handwritten before the previous entry: Politburo decision

of 14 June 1937]




539. Concerning Xinjiang.


1. Charge Cde. Smirnov, the acting Consul General in Kashgar with giving the acting commander of the 36th Division a verbal reply to his appeals to the Soviet government of 4 and 6 June in the following sense.


The Soviet government, having discussed the written appeals to it by Ma Hushan, and also the verbal appeals of the latter to the Soviet consul general in Kashgar, expresses readiness to meet the wishes of the command of the 36th Division on the following conditions:


a) The command of the 36th Division should settle the question of the occupation of Kashgar District by appealing to the Xinjiang government and concluding agreements with it on the conditions proposed to Cde. Smirnov by Ma Hushan.

b) The command of the 36th Division should ensure absolute peace in the south of Xinjiang , for which purpose it should cease the further advance of the troops of the 36th Division north and east of Kashgar.


When these conditions are met the Soviet government is ready to give friendly advice to the Xinjiang government in the interests of peace in Xinjiang, not to undertake any steps against the 36th Division and to conclude an agreement with it about leaving its troops in Kashgar District similar to the 15 July 1936 peace agreement. In addition, the Soviet government is ready to permit the departure of Ma Zhongying in the event it receives a satisfactory reply from Ma Hushan, as he was interned at one time in view of his crossing into Soviet territory with an armed detachment; discussions will be conducted on site by Soviet authorities with Ma Zhongying himself about the date and conditions of his return.


Declare to Ma Hushan that insofar as he not only accepts the above conditions, but conscientiously observes them, he can count on the support of the Soviet Union in the peaceful development of South Xinjiang and the strengthening of the authority of the 36th Division there. On the other hand, warn Ma Hushan that, as he knows from the past, the Soviet Union cannot tolerate with indifference the occurrence of military operations and a civil war in Xinjiang at the borders of the Soviet Union.


2. Recommend to the Xinjiang governor that in the event of an appeal to him with a suitable proposal by the command of the 36th Dungan Division to conclude an agreement with it about the extension of the 15 July 1936 peace agreement between Urumqi and Hotan [Hetian] also to all of Kashgar District besides the Hotan [District] on condition that the command of the 36th Division commit itself not to lead its troops out of Kashgar District to the north.


3. Consider it necessary to hold analogous discussions here with Ma Zhongying at the same time as the discussions between Cde. Smirnov and Ma Hushan. Cde. Kruchinkin is charged with holding the discussions in coordination with the NKID.


Excerpts have been sent:


to Cdes. Litvinov, Yezhov, Voroshilov, Berzin, and Kruchinkin.


[handwritten at the top of the page: point 540 is in classified storage]


540. An NKID issue.


1. Decline the governor's suggestion about immediately sending the military aid he requested.


2. Concentrate the Uzbek and Kazakh RKKA regiments, the 19th Omsk and 13th Alma-Ata NKVD regiments, and also one air squadron on our border with Xinjiang.


Excerpts have been sent:


to Cdes. Litvinov, Voroshilov, Yezhov, Berzin, and Kruchinkin.




[CC seal] CC SECRETARY [signed] I. Stalin





In response to Ma Hushan's (commander of the 36th Division of the NRA) request for Soviet assistance in Xinjiang and the release of Ma Zhongying from the Soviet Union, the Politburo resolves that it will provide assistance only after the leadership of the 36th Division concludes an agreement with the Xinjiang government and establishes peace in the south of Xinjiang.

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RGASPI f. 17, op. 162, d. 20, l. 62-63. Obtained by Jamil Hasanli and translated by Gary Goldberg.


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