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July 1, 1950

Conversation between Indian Ambassador Kavalam Madhava Panikkar and Deputy Foreign Minister Zhang Hanfu

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[Handwritten] Of course China is willing to join the United Nations but [China] is unwilling to mix this with the issue of Korea. The Soviet side should be informed of this and their views should be consulted.


Zhou Enlai. 1 July [1950]




Zhang [Hanfu]: Today afternoon I heard that the United States has already transported a large group of soldiers from Japan to the Southern part of Korea by air. This is a continuation and expansion of direct American military intervention in the Korean War.


Indian Ambassador: What you said is correct, if both China and the Soviet Union can attend the [UN] security council then the Korean issue can be localized and receive peaceful resolution.



Zhang Hanfu and K.M. Panikkar discuss the role of the United Nations in ending the conflict in Korea.

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