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December 1, 1979

Conversation between Jambyn Batmunkh and Pham Van Dong

Embassy of the Mongolian People’s Republic

in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam




1 December 1979 Hanoi


About the meeting of our party and government delegation by the Prime Minister Pham Van Dong


On 1 December 1979 after participating in the meeting ceremony Prime Minister of the SRV government Pham Van Dong and the MPR party and state delegation headed by the member of the MPRP Central Committee Politburo and Chairman of the MPR Council of Ministers J. Batmunkh met at the government hotel […]


PHAM VAN DONG: I with to extend sincere congratulations on behalf of the Central Committee of the Vietnamese Communist Party, SRV government and the Vietnamese people to you dear comrade Jambyn Batmunkh and the members of the delegation, to you comrades, on the occasion of your official friendly visit to our country.


J. BATMUNKH: Thank you very much. As the head of the Mongolian party and government delegation I am extremely happy to have the chance to visit your beautiful magnificent country and to become acquainted with the victories and successes of the fraternal Vietnamese people.


I wish to thank the VCP Central Committee, the SRV government and the fraternal Vietnamese people for friendly, warm and respectful welcome of our delegation.


PHAM VAN DONG: We award great importance to the visit of our country by the Mongolian party and government delegation.


It is a great inspiration to the Vietnamese people that your delegation is visiting at a time when the Chinese rulers are again threatening an aggression against Vietnam (he chuckled).


The Mongolian party and government are firmly standing together with the USSR and socialist comradely countries on the side of the Vietnamese people in the struggle against the Chinese aggressors (chuckled again).


J. BATMUNKH: We came to express the solidarity of the Mongolian people with the struggle of the heroic Vietnamese people against the armed aggression of the Beijing rulers. […]




In December 1979 Mongolian party and government delegation headed by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Mongolia Jambyn Batmunkh visited Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos and had held talks with the leaders of these countries on issues pertinent to the Sino-Vietnamese war of 1979, Pol Pot’s regime, situation in Indochina and Chinese foreign policy in Asia.

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Mongol Ulsyn Zasgiin Gazryn Arkhiv: fond 1, tov’yog 28, kh/n 19 (1980 on), khuu 10-11. Obtained and translated by Sergey Radchenko with the assistance of Onon Perenlei.


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