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April 15, 1963

Conversation between Soviet Ambassador in North Korea Vasily Moskovsky and Czechoslovak Ambassador Moravec

[I] received the Czechoslovak Ambassador Comrade Moravec at his request. […] The Czechoslovak Ambassador told me in the course of the conversation that he had recently returned from Panmunjeom. General Jang was not in Panmunjeom, and he was received by a Korean colonel filling in for General Jang, together with General Hill. […] Comrade Moravec told the colonel that the Soviet Union does not ask small countries to provide any aid in the production of expensive nuclear weapons, and that the Soviet people still […] firmly protect the interest of the socialist countries.

The colonel replied that he knows that the Soviet Union has powerful missiles, that probably these missiles are also stationed in the Far East, but it would be better and quieter if the Soviet Union gave such missiles to the DPRK and to the Chinese.

A North Korean colonel suggests that the Soviet Union should give advanced military technology to North Korea.

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AVPRF, fond 0102, opis 19, papka 97, delo 4, list 140. Obtained and translated for NKIDP by Sergey Radchenko


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