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April 24, 1953

Cover Sheet for Issue II considered by the CPSU Presidium at its Session on 24 April 1953

P6/II To Cdes. Beria, Molotov, Khrushchev, Bulganin




6 24 April 1953



II. Note of the USSR MVD concerning a Review of the Report from the Former [Soviet] Advisers Assigned to the DPRK Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of Internal Affairs, Cdes. Glukhov and Smirnov.



Decision – Special Dossier


[Translator’s note:  On the back of the document is the handwritten notation.]


File:  46.  Korea – On the Use by

the Americans of Biological Weaponry


46% -- USSR Embassy in the DPRK

46.34% -- Mil. Advisers

7% -- CC Staff


Note No. 25B of Cde. Beria dated 11 IV 53

Note No. 37B of Cde. Beria dated 21 IV 53

Note No. 59ss of Cde. Molotov dated 21 IV 53

Note  No. 59M of Cde. Molotov dated 19 IV 53


A cover sheet verifying that the allegations of the United States used biological weapons in Korea were discussed at the CPSU Presidium on 24 April 1953.

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RGANI, F. 3, Op. 8, D. 24, Ll. 2, 2ob. Translated by Mark Kramer.


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