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September 9, 1973

Cryptogram No 1144 from Polish Embassy in Beijing, Romanian Diplomats in China

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Cryptogram No 1144

from Beijing, on Sept 9th, 1973


Com. Stachowiak informs in his telegram No 424 dated Sept 9th, 1973:


In Beijing we observe a demonstration of a specific "hard" line, presented by Romanian local diplomatic post, directed at diplomatic representatives of the European socialist countries.

1. The current ambassador to Romania, in contrast to the previous one, clearly avoids contact with socialist countries.

2. Romanians use a kind of boycott of our official receptions:
- we were sent a Second Secretary to our national holiday reception/ senior diplomats went to the airport to greet the Ambassador returning from leave;
- Bulgarians were also sent a Second Secretary, even though the ambassador was present in Beijing / without excuse /
- for dinner to the Czechoslovak Embassy, no Romanian representatives were present, without  any explanations.

3. Information occasionally obtained from the Romanian diplomats, turn out to be disinformation

/after checking/  

The Polish Embassy in Beijing reports that the Romanian ambassador is taking a hard line towards diplomats from other European socialist countries, avoiding contact, boycotting their receptions, and providing disinformation to them.

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Archive of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Poland, D-I-R-0-22-1-73, 3. Obtained and Translated by Adam Burakowski.


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