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February 1, 1972

Cryptogram No 1144 from Polish Embassy in Bucharest, Romania Strengthening Relations with the Soviet Union

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Cryptogram No 1144

from Bucharest, on Feb 1st, 1972


Com. Ochęduszko informs in his telegram No 19 dated Jan 31st this year:


Romania still puts emphasis on strengthening relations with the Soviet Union and socialist countries, without, however, general changes in its policies. Whenever cooperation with the Warsaw Pact countries is mentioned, cooperation with other socialist countries is added immediately. However, certain facts emerged behind this façade:  firstly,  signing an integration program of the Comecon countries by Romania and more recently - after years of discussion – signing an agreement on putting the Romanian army under joint command of the Warsaw Pact countries. It is also possible that Soviet, Romanian and Bulgarian joint military maneuvers will come into effect this year. Yet another fact from outside the camp: further improvement of Romania's relations with the Arab countries and a certain reserve towards Israel.


At the dinner for the heads of diplomatic missions, following traditional hunting, Ceaușescu's manifestly emphasized that Romania belonged to the socialist community and also sharply criticized U.S. policy in Vietnam, NATO, Israel's position and the activities of 'Radio Free Europe'.

The Polish Embassy in Romania reports on signs that Romania is serious about improving relations with the Soviet Union, including signing agreements to join Comecon and put the Romanian army under joint command of the Warsaw Pact.

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Archive of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Poland, D-I-R-0-2413-6-72, 1. Obtained and Translated by Adam Burakowski.


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