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May 18, 1964

Czechoslovak Embassy in La Paz to Central Committee of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia



Air letter sent 11 May 1964 from La Paz                                     Reg. No. SP: 5345 Šu

Arrived: 18 May 1964 16.00

Processed: 18 May 1964 23.00                                                      Copy No. 1

To dispatch: 19 May 1964 07.10                                                   M.


[From Czechoslovak Embassy (La Paz)]

For CC CPCz [Central Committee of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia]


PCB [Communist Party of Bolivia] asking for urgent financial support.  It has been completely drained by ordinary congress, the workers’ unity congress, the election campaign, loan to CP Peru, and sending comrades to the party training in Moscow.  Doesn’t even have funds to pay its functionaries.


Pištora 110.



No way – [nepřichází v úvahu –]


When Bolivia’s political crises reached fever pitch in the lead up to the May 1964 presidential elections, the Communist Party turned to Prague for financial support. Back in Prague, Foreign Ministry officials responded in bold handwriting with a short phrase: nepřichází v úvahu, which translates roughly as "no way."


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Inv.č. 93, ka. 74, Komunistická strana Československa, Ústřední výbor, Kancelář 1, tajemníka ÚV KSČ Antonína Novotného-II. Č, Národní archiv, Prahu. Obtained by Thomas Field with help from Vlasta Měšťánková; translated by Jiri Macek.


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