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April 30, 1961

Czechoslovak Intelligence Reports Correspondence with Czechoslovak Embassy, Havana, Regarding Purported Assassination Plot against Fidel Castro and Coup Plot against Cuban Government

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To my 025.113-According to an additional report from Pleskot:


Gramatges informed that the contact with the holder of the document in Cologne has taken place. The conditions surrounding the handover have not yet been agreed upon. Additional discussions should occur on 2 May. It appears as though the action against Cuba is still being prepared.


Hájek 025.114





6th Division/Petrželka/







Gramatges informs through Pleskot:


Ricardo Toriente, who arrived in Paris from Bonn tonight, received written information from H. Felske, Essen, Huyssenallee 33, offering detailed documentation on preparations for a counterrevolutionary coup against the Cuban Government and an assassination attempt against Fidel Castro. The holder of the documents allegedly worked until recently at a consulate in Havana. Involved are microfilms containing detailed information about the organizers and place of action. He requests 28 thousand German marks for the materials. In negotiations over recent days on the conditions of the handover, Felske stated that, among other things, an assassination attempt is being prepared during a big public celebration and that a large amount of explosives have been transported to Havana by individuals whose families live there. Toriente believes that a possible assassination attempt could occur during celebrations marking 1 May. His go-between held discussions in Essen on 29.4 in the evening and requested evidence that the films on offer truly contain the mentioned information. He will receive a report by ten o’clock.


Pleskot will provide another report should anything serious develop.


Hájek 025.113




Telegram from Havana SP: 580

Copy #9


Arrived: 29.4.61 18.10 Lightning, to be delivered immediately I, III


Decoded on 29.4.61 19.20


Exposed on 29.4.61 19.30




Send a lightning message immediately to Pleskot telling him to inform Cuban ambassador, Gramatges, of the arrival of the Bonn charges in Paris. He is carrying an important report, which Gramatges should immediately hand over to Pleskot. Arrange the immediate sending of the report. Allegedly involved is a big sabotage on 1 May based on information provided by Fernandel.


Pavlíček 179

Czechoslovak Intelligence reports on a possible assassination plot against Castro and a possible coup against the Revolutionary Government in Havana. The document details the plot being planned by individuals in Havana including smuggling explosives into a public celebration for 1 May. Microfilms containing information on the plot including the organizers and place of action. It is obvious from this correspondence that the planned assassination and coup against Castro are part of the Bay of Pigs Invasion.

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