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June 2, 1953

Decision of the Party Control Commission of the CPSU CC regarding Comrade S.D. Ignatiev

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Ignatiev S.D., during his tenure as minister of State Security of the USSR, having received in April 1952 a document of special political importance, did not report it to the government, as a result of which the prestige of the Soviet Union, [and of] the camp of peace and democracy, suffered real political damage.


In elucidating this question, Ignatiev gave false explanations.  Moreover, verification of investigative work in the former Ministry of State Security of the USSR established that Ignatiev, being under the thumb of the adventurist and secret enemy of the Soviet people, the former chief of the Investigative Section for specially important matters of the USSR MGB, Riumin, allowed gross violations of Soviet legality and the falsification of investigative materials.  According to these materials Soviet citizens were subjected to groundless arrests and charged with false accusations of committing serious state crimes.


Perverted methods of investigation and measures of physical coercion were used against those arrested according to  the materials fabricated in this way. Through the files fabricated in the former Ministry of State Security, Ignatiev presented to governing organs knowingly false information.


For deception of the party and government, gross violations of Soviet legality, state discipline and dishonest conduct to exclude S.D. Ignatiev from membership in the CPSU.





A report describing the decision to revoke the CPSU party membership of S.D. Ignatiev.

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Archive of the President of the Russian Federation. Published in CWIHP Bulletin 11. Translated by Kathryn Weathersby.


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