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November 15, 1978

Decree of the CC CPSU Secretariat Concerning an appeal to the Czechoslovak Communist Party about K. Babrak

Nº ST-134/16gs of 15.11.1978


Special Folder



of the CC CPSU Secretariat


Concerning an appeal to the Czechoslovak Communist Party about K. Babrak


Approve the text of a telegram to the Soviet Ambassador to the ChSSR (attached).


[Mostly illegible signatures and coordination entries follow]


[CC CPSU letterhead]


Nº St-134/16gs

of 15.11.1978


Excerpt from Minutes Nº 134 § 16gs CC Secretariat




Concerning an appeal to the Czechoslovak Communist Party about K. Babrak


Approve the text of the telegram to the Soviet ambassador to the ChSSR (attached).




Sent to: Cdes. Gromyko, Ponomarev



Top Secret


to point 16gs of N 134






Meet with the Chief of the CC CPC [Communist Party of Czechoslovakia] International Policy Department and, referring to the instructions of the CC CPSU, inform [him] of the following.


The former ambassador of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan in Prague, Babrak Karmal, who is in the CSSR is doing certain work among Afghans abroad both in socialist and in capitalist countries. His efforts are concentrated on establishing ties with Parchamists (members of the “Parcham” group headed by K. Babrak), an organized consolidation of them on a platform against the current regime in Afghanistan, against the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) and the DRA government. He is also trying to establish ties with his supporters in Afghanistan working in the PDPA, the Afghan army, in government institutions, and other organizations for this purpose.


Similar activity by K. Babrak has become known to the Afghan leadership and is causing a negative reaction. It puts those who offer him hospitality and Soviet comrades in a false and difficult position before the current revolutionary regime in Afghanistan.


Activity directed at weakening the ruling party in Afghanistan, the PDPA, and undermining its efforts to build a new Afghanistan can be viewed as mistaken and bringing only harm to Afghanistan.


According to available information, repression against Parchamists have stopped who are loyal to the regime and who work honestly in government institutions and families of Parchamists are not subjected to persecution. K. Babrak ought to consider these circumstances and draw the correct conclusions from this: he is not to participate in anti-government activity and is not to incite his supporters to the same.


[scribbled signature, probably R. Ul’yanovskiy]




The Soviets condemn subversive activity against the PDPA, the primary Afghan and pro-Soviet political party. Such actions, according to the Soviet leadership, cause significant instability and political unrest in the region.


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Translated for CWIHP by Gary Goldberg.


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