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July 4, 1980

Deputy Director of the International Department of the CPSU Central Committee R. Ul'ianovskii, 'On a Request from the Leadership of the People's Party of Iran'



Top Secret


CPSU Central Committee


On a request from the leadership of the People's Party of Iran


The First Secretary of the Central Committee of the People's Party of Iran (PPI), Comrade N. Kiyanuri, has addressed the CPSU Central Committee with a request for several PPI members to take a course in the near future for special preparation on matters of [Handwritten: "conspiratorial work"] (OP No. 1683 attached).


It would be expedient to approve Comrade N. Kiyanuri's request and agree in principle to the reception of three PPI members in Moscow in 1980 for a three month course to prepare for matters of conspiratorial work.


The USSR Committee of State Security could be assigned the organization of study for the three indicated PPI members; their placement, care, and return to their country could be entrusted to the International Department and Affairs Administration of the CPSU Central Committee, and all expenses for travel, their stay in Moscow during their studies, and equipment taken from the Party budget.


The USSR KGB (Comrade Chebrikov) is in agreement on this matter.


A draft CPSU Central Committee Resolution is attached.


Deputy Director of the International Department of the CPSU Central Committee


(R. Ul'ianovskii)


July 4, 1980

No. 25-S-1226


Memorandum from R. Ulianovskii on Kianuri's request to the CPSU Central Committee to send 3 PPI members to the USSR for training in "conspiratorial work."


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RGANI, f. 89, op.39, d.22, ll. 2. Contributed by Roham Alvandi and translated by Richard Iserman.


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