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August 16, 1968

Directives to the Soviet Delegation at the XII session of the IAEA General Conference

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Per Point 99, Prot. 94[1]



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to the Soviet Delegation at the XII session of the IAEA General Conference.


1. After the Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons goes into force, lead affairs at the General Conference such that the IAEA Board of Governors initiates without delay the development and conclusion of agreements with Non-Proliferation Treaty non-nuclear country-participants for safeguards as is envisioned by the Treaty. As to the content of such agreements, proceed from a confirmed draft of a standard agreement between non-nuclear countries and the IAEA.

2. Speak out against any attempts from Non-Proliferation Treaty opponents to make decisions at the General Conference aimed at weakening the IAEA’s control over non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and to delay the development of agreements.

3. In speeches and discussions at the conference emphasize that the Soviet Union considers it important to develop and expand all aspects of the IAEA’s activities, pointing out that the Non-Proliferation Treaty opens up advantageous prospects in this regard. Announce the Soviet Union’s good-will contribution of 150,000 rubles to the technical assistance fund for developing country-members of the IAEA.

4. Announce the Soviet Union’s readiness to enrich uranium ore up to 2.5 to 5 percent U-235 belonging to non-nuclear states to develop their power engineering.

5. In a speech at a general discussion, display the Soviet Union’s successes in the peaceful use of atomic science and technology and the USSR’s cooperation with other countries in this area.





[1] Translator’s Note: The following information is extracted from Protocol No. 94 of the CPSU CC Politburo meeting, finalized on 16 August 1968 and covering numerous resolutions made during 7 to 16 August 1968. A number of decisions were made during the meeting, including Point 99.

Directives for topics sent to the Soviet Delegation at the XII session of the IAEA General Conference. Points made include the Soviet Union's readiness to enrich Uranium.

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RGANI, f. 3, op. 72, d. 196, ll. 68. Contributed by Anna Pan and translated by Theresa Billow-Supple.


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