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September 3, 1986

Division X of the Hauptverwaltung Aufklärung (HVA/X) of the Ministry of State Security (MfS), 'Plan for Common and Coordinated Active MEasures of the Intelligence Organs of the MOI of the PR Bulgaria and the MfS of the GDR for 1987 and 1988'

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Draft [Struck through by hand]

Berlin, 3 Sept. 1986


Top Secret!




for common and coordinated active measures of the intelligence organs of the MOI [Ministry of Internal Affairs] of the PR [People’s Republic of] Bulgaria and the MfS [Ministry of State Security] of the GDR for 1987 and 1988

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Combatting the USA’s Policy of Confrontation and Arms Build-Up


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3. Operation “DENVER”


With the goal of exposing the dangers to mankind arising from the research, production, and use of biological weapons, and also in order to strengthen anti-American sentiments in the world and to spark domestic political controversies in the USA, the GDR side will deliver a scientific study and other materials that prove that AIDS originated in the USA, not in Africa, and that AIDS is a product of the USA’s bioweapons research.


The Bulgarian side will assist in distributing the materials in the states of Western Europe, in the USA and in the developing countries.


Appointed Time: from the first quarter of 1987


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HVA/X of the East German Ministry of State Security seeks cooperation with the Bulgarian Internal Affairs and State Security ministries to "prove that AIDS originated in the USA."

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Committee for Disclosing the Documents and Announcing the Affiliation of Bulgarian Citizens to the State Security and the Intelligence Services of the Bulgarian National Army (CDDAABCSSISBNA-R), f. 9, op. 4, a.e. 670, p. 112. Obtained by Christopher Nehring and translated by Douglas Selvage.

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