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January 1989

DPRK Talking Points [on Cooperation with the Ministry of State Security for the 13th World Festival of Youth and Students]

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1. Introduction, greeting and defining meeting goals.

2. Fundamental problems of cooperation between security authorities to secure the Festival.

a.Cooperation during the invitation phase of the festival participants

- A thorough check of the participants' lists in order to eliminate agents, terrorists and people who disrupt the festival.

In this connection, the DPRK Ministry of State Security (MSS) requests that parties receiving from the MSS lists of reported participants – provide information on known persons – agents, terrorists, etc. that appear on these lists.

b. Cooperation during the border and customs control phase of the festival participants.

Most festival participants will travel through the socialist countries – the groups will gather in Berlin, Sofia, Budapest, Prague, Havana, Warsaw and Moscow. We hope that the security officers of the socialist countries will place these groups under operational control, in close cooperation with the border and customs services, the objective being elimination of terrorists, terrorist means as well as suspicious-looking individuals without appropriate documents.

The MSS proposes that DPRK representatives visit the socialist countries during this period, remain in contact and work closely with the operational staff in order to secure the foreign travel of the delegations.

3. Co-operation during surface travel (flights) of the festival participants to Pyongyang.

During the journeys of the delegations from these and other countries, we propose that, together with the delegations traveling by air, train and water, the groups should be accompanied by the operational staff of our services and those of our fraternal services.

We suggest that they fulfill the functions / formal requirements related to the arrival in our country, e.g. issuing to participants of all kinds of forms such as bills of entry, issuing identity cards to festival participants, etc.

4. Issues of cooperation during the festival.

a. Collect, update and analyze previous experiences on a global scale;

b. The MSS is currently analyzing existing material on the operations of security services, international terrorists, etc. An information bank is being put together. However, the MSS will not solve the problem in a comprehensive manner. It counts on active assistance from the fraternal services. Therefore, if possible, we would like to receive the following information:

- concerning attempts to disrupt the festival by enemy security services,

- lists of international terrorist organizations, including their forms of activity, methods and means used,

- materials on the political, religious and nationalist fighting between countries whose delegations take part in the Festival, which may influence the behavior of individual groups of young people (provocations, acts of hostility, terrorism, etc.)

- We consider it reasonable for the security organs to collect such data together, with each service taking on the obligation to collect data from the region of the world which is most familiar with (where it has significant influence) and collect these data in a joint bank.

5. Issues of joint operation involving the fraternal services, accompanying the delegations participating in the festival.

- the festival will be attended by more than 20,000 delegatesand guests from more than 110 countries. We do not have enough power to offer them full protection,

- We therefore want the MSS to protect only delegations from the capitalist countries and Third World countries,

- The operational groups of the socialist countries will be responsible for their participants and for their safety.

We would like operational groups to focus their efforts on:

- the choice delegates and preventing participants from carrying items and publications that are hostile or anti-social, i.e. they should reflect fully responsible attitudes,

- the exchange of all information and security-related materials, including materials from participants concerning the political attitudes of other groups during the festival,

- we consider it necessary to carry out coordinated agent work vis-à-vis youth organizations or individuals who are known to be politically hostile.

The MSS believes that if the members of the operating groups from the socialist countries visit our country together with their respective delegations or earlier, they will consult with (inform) the MSS in advance in order to jointly resolve the problems that have arisen.

We request that the security services of the social countries provide us with active assistance in our work to provide security during the Festival.

A list of DPRK Ministry of State Security objectives, as reported by Poland's Ministry of Internal Affairs, in obtaining support from Soviet and Eastern Europe intelligence agencies for the upcoming World Festival of Youth and Students.

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