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Eldridge Cleaver Notebooks, 1970

This document was made possible with support from Leon Levy Foundation

[NOTE: Page numbers given in brackets do not correspond to the page numbers in the scanned PDF of Eldridge Cleaver's 1970 diary. Each notebook page (right and left), even the blank ones, are considered a page for transcription purposes. Thus pages 4 and 5 here in brackets correspond only to page 4 of the PDF.]






Organized by Eldridge Cleaver in Algiers and Bob Scheer in Berkeley, visited:


Moscow, then Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, People’s Republic of China, and Democratic Republic of Vietnam, and return to the U.S. via Algiers between May 1970-September 1970




Robert Scheer, RAMPARTS Magazine Editor, writer, lecturer

Ann Froines, Peace Movement

Andy Truskier, Peace Movement

Elaine Browne, Black Panther Party

Pat Sumi, Movement for a Democratic Military

Alex Hing, Chinese Radical organization

Randy Rappaport, NEWSREEL (radical film collective)

Janet Kransberg, NEWSREEL

Gina Blumfeld

Jon Austen, RAMPARTS, Peace and Freedom Party, Peace Movement

Eldridge Cleaver, International Section of the B.P.P.




[begin handwritten diary]


How do you cut off the tentacle of a hydrogen bomb?


Insult: to Ho and to us, for his will to have been read by one of his executioners. Ho could have realized his dream if he had not been stabbed in the back by the cowardly revisionists.




All of you Cultural Nationalists who have been studying Swahili for all these years, Afro-America has some business to take care of in Africa with black men who speak Swahili. We need some ambassadors. You should establish. The only requirements




are that you speak Swahili (or any foreign languages, really) passingly, that you are revolutionary, Marxist-Leninist, disciplined, and dedicated to making the Revolution. If you are interested, get in touch with us and refer to this request.

All power to the People!



MOI [sic]





Korea Society for cultural Relation with foreign countries

Pyongyang D.P.R. of


Kang Song Ha


The DPRK is beautiful, clean, honest, free, and totally revolutionary.


It is a new civilization called socialism.


The Scarves of the Eight Faries [sic]









1. The possibility of a return trip with other members of the black Panther Party.








We have to take a look at history in order to understand the present situation. If I just say that Kim Il Sung has risen up out of the people and has stepped forward to conquer imperialists, many wrong impression and much confusion would be the result so we must take a correct approach




by explaining.


The world revolution is necessary in order to destroy oppression. To this we must transcend ethno-centrism. This is what Kim Il Sung has done. This is what all revolutionaries must do.




Imperialism doesn’t just exist in thin air. It manifests itself through control of our land, our lives, our resources, us. It is necessary to destroy the manifestations of imperialism in ones own country. In this way we can destroy it.




The key facts is that the U.S. imperialism is organized for genocide globally but not internally and we are not going to give them time to get ready.




1. Target Practice


2. Clothes made


3. Cloth for Kathleen


4. Copies of tapes & articles


5. Arrangement of clear relationship and its limitations.


6. Will the DPRK help us find a country in the UN that is willing to stand up in the United States and make a motion request, in the name of the Black Panther Party, the UN Troops and Observer Teams be stationed inside the United States to halt the oppression against black people




and other oppressed people. We have no illusions that this will be granted, but the mere act of injecting this issue into the public arena of international diplomacy will be a powerful stimulant to the rapid development and spread of the American Revolution. This act will also put the U.S. imperialist aggressors in a crossfire of contradiction. On the one hand they will continue defending the presence of the UN in areas where they




want them; and on the other hand, they will argue against the U.N. entering their own territory. This contradiction will greatly expose their aggressive hypocrisy and further weaken their position, politically it will undermine their own presence at Panmunjom under the U.N. Flag.


Tactics for white women


It is necessary to split the block of White Supremacy. I think that this problem is a tactical problem that is easily




solved by the strict and consistent application of revolutionary principles.


The correct solution to this kind of problem always lies in the hands of the most revolutionary elements within a given social unit. Within the White community in the U.S.A., white women constitute the most revolutionary element. The tactical solution to the problem posed above is for white women, who simultaneously [illegible word scratched out] are waging both a class struggle and a struggle for women’s liberation from oppression by men, to resort to the only solution to the




problem: revolutionary violence. White women must pick up the gun and the bomb and go into action against the hated system. they must be implacable in their resolve to destroy the system that is oppressing them and not waver in their firm resolve to carry the struggle forward to its bitter sweet end.


The conscious resort to revolutionary violence by white women will through the ruling class into an unprecedented crisis. it would speed up the




disintegration of the repressive forces in the hands and at the service of the ruling class--Army, National guard, state & local police. there will be extreme differences of opinion amongst the troops over the question of murdering white women. this goes to the heart of America. Many of the troops would turn their guns against their superior officers before carrying out orders to kill white women. Black troops will not be allowed to




do it. A very interesting situation will be the result.


[line drawn across the page]


Can anyone seriously take RIchard Nixon to be a master strategist, an international tactician. The only thing he knows is how to win an election.




[blank page]




Walls-- And After the Aftermath of Walls


The development of community patrols -- clear perception of problem -- seeking the solution -- Malcolm’s message -- Fanon -- Huey P. Newton -- expansion/engagement of Revolutionary Vision -- Ideology of class struggle becomes key, ideology of race struggle for dealing with ethnic struggle has to be shifted to its proper place -- Snick’s [sic] Hangings




K 229 844


Raymond Hewitt








[text written upside down]


RIC RICARD (horro) [sic]


16146 ROMA







P.O. Box 1657






Revista “OIGA”


[line drawn across page]


For Korea

Conquest Of Mexico

Conquest Of Peru

The Long Death

Atlas Of U.S.A.




[blank page]




20-- 25,000,000

30-- 35,000,000




We must change the names of the languages that we speak if we speak the language of our former slavemasters. Otherwise, every time we mention the names of the very languages that we speak, we will speak the names of our historic enemies, which, to say the least, is unpleasant. The Korean people get up early in the morning.


[text written upside down]






[blank page]




The contradiction between the Soviet Revisionism position and the Chinese position has resulted in a stalemate of [illegible word scratched out] stultifying confusion in the international Proletarian World Revolution. But a new, potent force is beginning to emerge in the Third World--the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea under the leadership of Comrade Kim Il Sung. Comrade Kim Il Sung is organizing the small revolutionary




[blank page]




units of the world and refocusing the perspective of the revolutionary peoples of the whole world who are not already liberated, powerful, and secure. This is a historic development and the revolutionary peoples of the whole world must take heed of it.


Our price is the total eradication of U.S. fascism and imperialism.




[blank page]




The Role Of Revolutionary Vanguard Action In Education The People On The Need And Efficacy Of Revolutionary Violence And Spurring Them On To Action.


General Dean put on soldiers uniform and deserted his men, left them to die




General Walker & his staff were wiped out


Height 1211 -- Heartbreak Ridge Valley of Travail


[line drawn across the page]


Neutralize Enemy Vehicles By Patrolling on foot -- first man on the ground


[line drawn across the page]


Acquire weapons, and ability to make same, swiftly.








[entire page upside-down; all text crossed out]


In my opinion the three most important categories for Urban Guerilla Warfare are Communications, Mobility, Intelligence because of the ease with which it can be done, encirclement of hiding places in urban terrain becomes the key tactic of the enemy.  He is able to do this because


  1. he had accurate information about the hiding place (Intelligence)
  2. he had the swift ability to move
  3. in with a circle (Mobility)








(2) He had the swift ability to alert his troops to the next move (Communications)


Stamp Out Traitors




On Urban Guerilla Warfare


The Terrain


Turn Out The Lights


Plunge The City Into Darkness


Causing enemy becomes the target


Can’t see cadres from far off. The lights of his car become targets for attacks launched under cover of darkness. Cadres must wage unrelenting War on “electricity as a Mortal Weapon” in the arsenal of the enemy.


[crossed out text]


As long as the enemy has smooth Intelligence, Communication, and mobility he is able to centralize his troops and dispatch them to “trouble spots” on a moments notice




and in overwhelming strength. But the moment his Intelligence, Communication - Mobility factor breaks down, he is forced to decentralize his troops and spread them out thinly. This is the most advantageous situation for the cadres. It greatly speeds up and increases an ability to pick them off. How do we force the dispersal of the enemy’s troops? By striking him in vital spots along as broad a front as possible -- hitting him hard, painful blows.




White Revolutionaries

(a)White Men

(b)White Women


Provide hiding places to cope with degrees of intensity of the hund down on the part of the enemy. Classify hiding places by degree of security in relation to the degree of the hunt down.


Clandestine Press, Radio, T.V.

[illegible scratched out text]

The Grape Vine

Putting The Pigs Uptight




[blank page]








[line drawn across the page]


Bridges, Highways, Traffic Signals, Street Directions -- to frustrate enemies maps thus making house to house search difficult because usually the troops will be unfamiliar with any given locality. Very seldom will the enemy send troops into their own community to kill.


[line drawn across the page]


Reclaiming the Night

In order to --We must turn out the light.




[blank page]




20 -- 25,000,000

30 -- 35,000,000




306 Pat & Jan

310 Scheer

315 Truskier & Hing

316 Blumfeld & Kransberg

319 Elaine

416 Randy & Ann

418 Eldridge




1910 - Korea reduced to colony by Japan

1948 - May 10. Phony elections in South Korea Syngman Rhee




Lecture On Reunification

July 19, 1970


[line drawn across the page]




  1. The unification of the country is the Supreme National Task Of our People
  3. Strategic & tactical line of KWP for U. of K.





Lofty National Task of Entire Korean People


[dotted line]


Long cherished goal of K.P.


[dotted line]


Single Nation


[dotted line]


Single nation split for 25 years


[dotted line]


Division obstructs development of K. Revolution

[downward pointing arrow]


[dotted line]



Gap between N & S increasing in all fields.




DPRK independent, ROK is Puppet

Economy independent, Economy Dependent


[dotted line]


National community disappearing more and more with each passing day. Heartbreaking.

Single nation, culture, language, etc.


In S.K., American Way of life rampant. National emotions, feelings, eroded.

Peculiar Korean language corrupted




by admixture with English, Japanese. Some people ashamed of language, colonized mentality widespread.


Koreans must make Korean Revolution


Korean language essential to Revolution


Division of country makes it impossible to use national resources in unified way.


S.K. mainly agricultural, N. mainly industrial, w/i mines, etc. Now agriculture highly developed in N. S. still remains agricultural, must import all industrial products.




If K. is unified, natural resources can be used in a U. way.


[dotted line]


Most heartbreaking: human separation spanning 25 years. Families cannot meet each other. No exchange of mail. Only birds & fish can freely pass.


[dotted line]


S.K. suffer most. Denied all political rights. U.S. Imperialists have established most vicious fascist terror in S. During Syngman Rhee’s reign, U.S. Imperialists floated democracy. After overthrow of Rhee in 1960, cover blown. Now openly fascist. S.K. economy completely impoverished, ruined.




Now S.K. people subject to 2 fold, 3 fold oppression. Groaning under yoke. Kingdom of poverty.


[dotted line]


S.K. society most corrupt, affected by American Way of life.


[dotted line]


Barbarous atrocities, national insults rampant everywhere.


[dotted line]


Atrocities committed against women most outrageous. Unprecedented in history of K. During period of Japanese yoke, Kwang Jee student incident - 1926.




How Division Hinders Development of Revolution


R. at different stage of development in N. & S.


2 Revolution accomplished in N.


  1. Anti-imperialist, Anti-feudal.
  2. Socialist Revolution. S. construction proceeding in N. In S. national liberation & Democratic Revolution not yet accomplished.


Retards & delays development of R. as a whole. As a whole K. has not accomplished M.L.D.R. - ie., Supreme N. Task






Strategic and Tactical Lines of K.W.P. for S.K.R.


Definition of Character of S.K.R.


Comrade Kim Il Sung says. “S.K.R. is I.R. against I, & D.R. against feudal forces.” Anti-Imperialist, Anti-Feudal, Democratic Revolution. Shows nature of L.K. society & the Law of Development of K.R. & society.


S.K. society is colonial semi-feudal society. Reduced to complete colony of U.S. Imperialism and military base of aggression completely under U.S. rule.




All fields under control of U.S. Imperialism. Real ruler. Political Rule of U.S. I over S.K. Machinery of Political Rule. Big embassy of U.S. In past, Japanese I. had rule of Governor General. Rule through Embassy is Neo-colonial way of rule. Puppet regime. All pol. rights of Puppet Regime in hands of U.S. Imperialists. All successive rulers of S.K. puppets of U.S.I. Syngman Rhee lived in U.S. until after liberation. Wife named Alice. U.S.I. called Syngman Rhee Father of Korea. Alice was Mother of Korea.




Economic Machine of Control: USAID.


12 Billion Dollars from 1945 to now. 70-80% is direct military aid. Under this cloak of aid, artery of S.K. economy in U.S. hands. U.S. congressman likened this aid unto pouring water into a broken jar.


Military Rule over S.K.


Prerogative Power Command of Korean Army in hands of U.S. Commander In Chief of 8th Army in S.K. under guise of U.N. mandate. S.K. puppet army must have permission of 8th Army Commander for every move--even gasoline. Stipulated by agreement between




1961 Park Jung Hi coup d’etat engineered by C.I.A. Role of C.I.A very pronounced in S.K.

S.K. C.I.A. Kim Jong Pil wants to run for presidency next time.


Semi-Feudal Aspect of S.K.:


U.S.A. maintains Landlords, Comprador Capitalists, Reactionary Bureaucrats. Fostering Comprador Capitalists. Under Japanese yoke, this class was not used for rule because of direct control. U.S.A. needed indigenous agents for rule over S.K. so they fostered this class. For guides, means, for exploitation of S.K. natural resources.




As guides for selling surplus goods. (Monopoly Capitalism by Sweezy) Impossible to rule S.K. only through landlords. Needed new, more powerful forces. Fostered Comprador Capitalist while keeping Landlords. Protected & Cultured Feudal Landlords. Japanese kept system of Big Landlords. U.S. kept system of Small & Medium Landlords. Wanted to prevent growth of Revolutionary Forces in countryside. Wanted to keep very backward system in order to facilitate exploitation. Much unemployment in countryside, cannon fodder for S.K. Puppet Army.




Way to sell U.S. surplus primary produce in S.K. If you keep only a few Big Landlords, it is difficult to deal with surpluses. Big L.L. take too much time, too cumbersome. S. L.L. much faster, handle more volume.  


K.W.P. analyzed & defined S.K. as Semi-Feudal Colony.


Main Task of S.K.R.:


1)To drive out U.S. Aggressive Imperialism & liquidate their colonial rule in S.K.


2)To secure Democratic development of S.K. society.




3)To achieve Unification of K in harmony with the Socialist Forces of N.K.


Who are targets of S.K.R.?


a) U.S.Imperialists. Main source of national division, main stumbling block, and greatest exploiter and oppressor in S.K. Ring Leader of aggressive forces.


b) Land Lords, Comprador Capitalists, & Reactionary Bureaucrats.  Political foundation of




Imperialist Rule in S.K. Guides of U.S. plunder & exploitation. Traitorous reactionary, Counter-revolutionary Forces.


c) Japanese Militarism. Embarked upon road of reaggression in order to pursue old dream of Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere.


Motive Force of S.K.R.:


a)Working Class, Peasants, Progressive youth & students, Intellectuals, Urban Petty Bourgeoisie, Conscientious National Bourgeoisie




Main Force:


Working Class & Peasants. Because they are the most exploited & oppressed.


In Revolution, the Working Class plays most important role. Enemy always tries to disarm the Working Class & disorganize. Always tries to foster Aristocracy amongst the Working Class. must always try to awaken W.C. In S.K., there is no W.C.Aristocracy. Working Class very oppressed. In S.K. the W.C. is subjected not only to class exploitation but also Nationalist exploitation. In S.K. the




Peasants are most reliable ally of W.C. Youths & Students play very important role. Generally speaking, Intellectuals play role of bridge. To spread connections. In colonies, W.C. and P. are illiterate and do not know. This role of awakening is played by Intellectuals. In S.K. today, Youth, Students, Intellectuals play key role. Most fierce student struggles are going on. W.C. & P. sleep. Weakest point is alienation between struggle by W.C. & P.




Strategy & Tactics of S.K.R. Character, Target, & Motive Force


Revolutionary Forces must be organized. Strategy and tactics means how to form these forces and make Revolution. Main Force of S.K.R. is W.C. P., and deeply rooted Marxist-Leninist Party. Necessary for making and guiding Revolution. Must have Marxist-Leninist Party.




South Korean Revolutionaries have formed R.P.U. this Party was organized by the South Korean Revolutionaries themselves.


[dotted line]


Must rally all strata of society as auxiliary forces for Revolution. Example: An Army must have a main force & Auxiliary force. Must form:Anti-U.S. National Salvation United Front. Also important to win S.K. puppet troops to side of Revolution. Rank & file are sons & daughters of W.C. & P.




Emphasis laid on political work amongst ordinary people. Comrade Kim Il Sung said: “Priority must be given to political work in all work.”


Ways & means of making S.K.R.:


Goal: to take Power.


S.K. people can take power only through violent revolution. Reject peaceful means. Revolution cannot be exported. Master of S.K.R. is S.K. people themselves. N must support s. Duty of all K. people




Basic Line at this present stage of S.K. Revolution. comrade Kim Il Sung says: “Basic line of S.K.R. is to preserve R.F. from the enemies suppression. And at the same time to accumulate and expand these forces in preparation for the final hour.” Brutal suppression and inadequate preparation -- sources of basic line. Always guard against Right and Left deviations.




Left Deviation: If we mobilize inadequate revolutionary forces into reckless action under conditions of extreme fascist repression revolution would suffer. Before Korean War, Workers Party drove revolutionary forces to reckless action, w/i result that Workers Party of South Korea was destroyed.


Right Deviation: too much procrastination leads to Rightist Deviation For this we need a tactical line.




Present Tactical Line of S.K.R. Carry out active struggle against Fascism and for Democratization of S.K. society. Only in this way can we accumulate revolutionary forces.


Strategic Slogans:


“Overthrow U.S.Imperialist Rule”

“People’s Power”

Tactical Slogans:

“Democratization of Life”

”Improve Living Standards.”

“Independent Education”

“Peaceful Unification”






Unification of Korea


S.K.R. is a part of K.R. as a whole. Basic importance. K.R. has to be carried out at different stages, because of foreign dominations. All tasks are geared to tasks of K.R. as a whole--to unify Korea.


Basic Line:--Ways & means of Unity Korea.


Basic Line: C.K.I.S.: “the Basic line of National Unification




maintained all along by the government of our country, on democratic principles, without any foreign influence, following


Main Idea of Basic Line!




Must do ourselves.


1) Drive out U.S.I. Aggressive army from S.K. Prerequisite for K. unification.

2) Unify Korea by Korean people themselves, without foreign interference. In all Class & National Liberation struggles, the master is the people concerned.




Historical reliance upon outside forces ended in selling Korea to Japanese Imperialism. Unification of Korea is Internal Affair. No foreign forces have any right to interfere in this question.


Not subject of international politics. U.N. played with this question for 20 years.


U.S.I. Basic Line: Korea must be unified through U.N. supervision.




3) Unify Korea on democratic principles. Type of social system must be decided by Korean people themselves. If people want Socialism they have a right.


Central Unified Government must be set up through Free general election throughout North & South Korea.




Ways & Means of Unifying Korea.


a) Peaceful Means. Does not mean peaceful coexistence. Artificial Division. “Violent Revolution, Peaceful Unification.


For unification of K., we must prepare & strengthen 3 major R. forces: C K.I.S. says:




For victory of our R, 3 R. forces must be prepared:


a) Revolutionary forces in N.

b) Revolutionary forces in S.

c) Revolutionary forces in W.


International Revolutionary Forces:


[dotted line]


Strengthening International Revolutionary Forces. Unity of Socialist Comp. Solidarity of Intl. Communist movement.




3)Actively support & encourage M.L. movements & anti-imperialist struggle of newly independent states.


4)Actively support the struggle of W.C. & toiling people in Capitalist countries for class & National Liberation and support their democratic movement. Unite w/i people opposed to imperialism, especially U.S. imperialism.




5)Anti-Imperialist joint action & anti-Imperialist United Front.


6)Propagate line for Unification and S.K. Revolution amongst World people and win their support.


I like this pen very much. Can I have it?




July 20, Monday: 9:00


  1. Scheer & I discuss movement
  2. Kim Jong Tae Locomotive Plant 4:00
  3. Evening:Film after dinner documentary film New Korea


July 21, Tuesday 9:00


1) Talks on publishing works of Comrade Kim Il Sung

2) Kiyan Irrigation System

3) Film-After dinner

4) 10:30 Kasong-Panmuniom




July 22, Wednesday


1) Kasong

2) People’s Committee Of Kaesong--Banquet

3) Leave for Pyongyang


July 23, Thursday


1) Rest

2) Kim Il Sung University

3) Film--




Policy of Asian aggression and The Invasion of Cambodia by U.S. Imperialism.


[dotted line]


Conditions In the South }Political Situation


[dotted line]


Role of Japanese Militarism in Asia


[dotted line]


American Military Installations in South--Nixon Doctrine Withdrawal <Okinawa


[dotted line]


America’s Military Posture of Aggression In Asia.




Revolutionary Struggle Inside U.S.


[dotted line]


Do you have anything to say to the American People?


[dotted line]


How do you estimate [illegible handwritten text written in between two sentences] the importance of ______ in the context of the international struggle against imperialism, particularly U.S. Imperialism?








A lot of work is being done by the Anti-War movement to awaken American soldiers to the knowledge that they are being used as cannon fodder in wars of aggression by U.S.Imperialism, and there are many signs that the American Army is falling apart at the seam. There Black Soldiers & Black Repression have been many cases of desertion, draft dodging, and even cases of American soldiers




turning their guns against the officers who issue insane orders of aggression to them. How do you estimate the importance of this crisis in the U.S. imperialists Armed Forces of aggression?

On Revolutionary Optimism And The Historical Task Of The Lumpenproletariat In the United States of America.




Factionalism And The People’s Army


[dotted line]


Pigs, Prison, The Army, And The Black Panther Party.




[page of numbers]




Agricultural And Industrial Exhibit

Respiratory Diseases} Health

Women Leaders





Distribution System

Mass Media & Communications

Judiciary & Penal

Nutritional Candy Factory

National Defense

Party & Government




Toward The Unification of the American Revolutionary Movement




We have seen the natural beauty of your country and the exquisite beauty of your culture, as well as the unparalleled achievement in Socialist construction and the fierce revolutionary spirit of your heroic people. We have learned, through your brilliant museums, exhibitions, monuments, and memorials of the glorious struggles of your people for liberation from occupation and imperialist aggression.






First Vice Premier.


If the Korean people, in the same way, fight against U.S. Imperials, it will also contribute to the health and security of the American people. This is why we support-encourage mutually in the fight against U.S. Imperialism.


And we have been informed of Robert Scheer’s resolute fight inside the U.S. against the maneuvering of U.S. imperialism to provoke a new war in our country.


1.General Situation

2.Thanks to Cleaver & Scheer for activities on behalf of DPRK.

3.Few words on the situation in Korea. Under Comrade Kim Il Sung, the Korean people have made greatest strides in their thousands of years of history.


Trials and tribulation.

Japanese Imperialism.




In the darkest days of Korean history, Comrade Kim Il Sung rose up and led a 15 year armed struggle to victory. After liberation, they had a bad situation, backward economy, also division of country. Under the leadership of Comrade Kim Il Sung, who called our people to the building of a new fatherland, our people surmounted all difficulties and trials, have established the people’s power, have carried out democratic reforms, including agrarian reform and equality, thereby building a democratic country.


But due to the provocation of war by U.S.Imperialism,  the efforts of construction had to stop temporarily. Under the brilliant leadership of Comrade Kim Il Sung, ever-victorious genius commander, and the Korean Peoples Army and the entire Korean people, victory was






After the war, faced arduous task of rehabilitating the country from war ravages and destruction. The situation was difficult and complicated. People didn’t know what to do.


Just at this time, Comrade Kim Il Sung, the respected and beloved leader of our people, called upon the entire people to face the heroic struggle for the post-war reconstruction, with their own efforts of Juche and self-reliance and with their own brains. They could succeed when there is the Party, the People’s Power and the territory.


Under the revolutionary banner of self-reliance, our people have healed the war wounds and built a very powerful Socialist State. IN this way our country has been turned into a powerful Socialist State.




Our industry has been developing rapidly and become independent, developing natural resources of our country.


In particular, the machine building industry has developed very rapidly. Result it can satisfy needs of machinery in our country. Before Liberatio, there was not even a small shop for repair spare parts.


At present, the self-sufficiency is 98.1 percent in machinery.


Light Industry too has been developed rapidly by implementing thoroughly the line of Comrade Kim Il Sung on light industry and local industry, satisfy daily needs of people have laid foundation for ever more.


More than 2000 local industries 50 percent of productions of daily necessities.




Rural economy developing rapidly. Chemical industry developed rapidly. Result:countryside turned into socialist environment good to live in.


Following the road illumined by the Thesis on the Problems of Socialist Rural Economy--question--advanced by Comrade Kim Il sung--technical, cultural and ideological revolution carried out successfully.


Irrigation completed in the main.


1.46 tractors per 100 hectors.


Electricity laid in all rural districts.


Rural economy in country over-come disadvantage natural conditions. Result: Whereas the N. ½ of Republic before Liberation there was lack of food--now self-sufficient in food.


Thanks to correct educational policy of Comrade Kim Il Sung, more than 4,000,000 100 universities. 9 yr. compulsory education.




Every child studies until age of labor.


More than 400,000 Engineers, Vice-engineers, and experts now working.


At present, all administration in hands of national cadres.


Free Medical Treatment


All children in nurseries & kindergartens.


Mortality rate reduced by ½.


Average life span prolonged by 20 yrs.


Large part of State Budget goes for Health, Hygiene, Education, Youth, National Cadres, Material & Cultural Living Standards continuously raised. [unintelligible]-kind of Peasants already abolished.


No worries about food, clothing, lodging, education, medicine, work til heart content leading a happy life.


All achievements in building new society are the result of the ideas of Juche and of the embodiment of ideas of Juche in all fields of State Affairs - S.F S.D --Comrade Kim Il Sung




Result of establishment of Juche & S.Reliance revolutionary advance rapidly overcame all the multiform difficulties and obstacles and achieve success.


Juche and self-reliance are the fundamental guarantees of all our successes. Still on the road of revolution. Still much work to do. Urgent task of compelling the U.S. imperialist occupation army out of Korea, to unify country.


On the National Question vis a vis the U.S. Imperialist Occupation


25 years of division of North and South. Undergoing great national disasters. The National division inflicts [unintelligible] suffering especially upon South Korean people. Our people desire to end as soon as possible such tragedy of division of country, make unified country. It is unanimous and aspirational supreme National task. But this Urgent National task not yet realized because of U.S.I. Occ. Army.




Despite the firm demand of people of North and South, the U.S. imperialist are scheming to occupy the country permanently & making war plans in South Korea. By creating the incident of the “pueblo” and “EC121” Big Size Spy Plane, the U.S. imperialists have been punished by self-defense measures. But instead of drawing new lessons, U.S. imperialists have intensified War preparation. Therefore, situation in country is very tense. U.S. imperialists continue to introduce new type weapons on a large scale intensity.


Already have built bases for tactical Atomic Weapons and bases for land-air missiles--30 bases for hawk-land/air missiles. U.S.I. continues to introduce more aggression troops and expand numerical strength of puppet army. As a result there are more than 60,000. More than 700,000 puppet troops. 300,000 pigs. 2,000,000 Reserves--3,000,000 troops. 33 soldiers per square kilometer for South Korea.


Following Pueblo incident, U.S.I.




introduced 12,000 more soldiers into South Korea.


Everyday--military exercises in preparation for attack. Established war footing in all of South Korea.


Chiefs of U.S.I. aggression army are infiltrating regularly into South Korea to inspect and perfect war preparations. Perpetrating ceaselessly provocations along Demarkation [sic] Line.


From Jan. to July this yr., number of cases of provocation in violation of Armistice Agreement 6,500 along M.D.


Socalled Partial Withdrawal


Accelerating preparations for a new war behind smokescreen of withdrawal. The so-called reduction of U.S. Army is aimed at deceiving the people and public opinion to perpetuate occupation. Intensifying preparation for war. At the same time, these U.S. wretches are trying to utilize the human and material resources of S.K. in




their war purposes, and trying to use the Japanese militarists as their Shock Brigade in Asian aggression by actually introducing them into S.K.


Nixon clique is cunning comedy for deceiving the people


In the Shadow of Army Reduction, giving Atomic Weapons supersonic missiles, vessels, tanks to Puppet Army.


Scheming to establish as in Okinawa Atomic Base in S.K. S.K. Puppet has stopped Holidays for puppet army, keep puppet army in State of emergency.


Most grave: U.S.I., under sign board of Reduction are scheming to introduce large scale aggressive forces of Japanese militarism which has been revived and rearmed. At present Puppet Clique using Japan intensify aggression. Must take legal charge--Asian Security Treaty--wish that Japan become force in S.K.


Keeping pace with this, the Japanese




militarists reveal openly aggressive designs by stating need to defend South Korea. “will give all necessary cooperation to strengthen S.K.”


As a link in the chain of such maneuvers, South Korea--Japan regular [unintelligible] Conference.


South Korea-Japan-U.S. Defense Council in Honolulu.


japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs-[unintelligible]-and others infiltrated into S.K., published joint statement expressing openly intentions to further intensify military & political alliance policy of U.S.I.


Honolulu-published Joint Statement on further modernizing military equipment of puppet army.

Joint Statement-Japanese M. & P.J.H P.C shows ambitions of Jap.M for aggression against S.K.


All these facts show that the U.S.I. are maneuvering to attain Nixon policy of Asians fight against Asians. Jap.M. participating actively




Protecting S.K. against threat of aggression from the North. Burglarious argument. U.S. Pigs remain in S.K. as long as DPRK exists. Threaten right to exist of DPRK & S.K. people. Destroying their vital rights.


S.K. workers peasants, students, intellectuals, members of National Assembly. U.S. says that these are all N.K. people. Nothing but sophistry on part of U.S.I. --Pretext found by U.S.I to cover provocation of new war. U.S.I. say that if they withdraw there will be another war in Korea, and that they are there to preserve peace. An absurdity unworthy of refutation. Have never created tension in our own country. Don’t want fratricidal war.


Frequent armed conflicts along M.D.L. provoked by U.S.I.


Maximum patience of D.P.R.K.




Position of Govt. of D.P.R.K. On Reunification


C.K, has said as follows:


We maintain that the U. of K must be realized peacefully, must be realized independently by K. people themselves, on democratic principles and by peaceful means. This is our consistent stand”


Fundamental line for Re-U. of DPRK




1.To compell withdrawal of U.S.I. conclude peace agreement with S.govt. reduce troops of N & S.


2.Unify govt. free elections in N & S.


3.If necessary, as transitional measure, a Confederation of North & South, leaving existing social systems intact. Realize




integration of fields of activity. Realize correspondence and visits between N. and S.

Just, Reasonable Proposals acceptable to everybody who sincerely desires reunification. But U.S.I & successive administrations of South Korea have answered sincere proposals with aggression and provocation. Arrested and condemned to Capital Punishment people who advocate Reunification.


We believe that you will support more actively the just struggle of our people to realize peaceful reunification of our country.


We hope you Anti-Imperialist Progressives Militants condemn U.S.I. occupation of S.K. Maintain resolutely that all military provocation be stopped at once. That all U.S.I aggression troops get out of S.K. immediately. Great support and encouragement to our people.




Our people are following with great sympathy the struggle of black people against the cruel policy of racial discrimination and for vital rights, and support the struggle of Progressive people inside the U.S. for peace and an end to the aggression and war policy of the U.S. Govt.


Convey militant solidarity to the American people.


After Formal Presentation


For whose benefit do American men sacrifice their lives in these dirty Wars of Aggression


1 Cleaver 2 Scheer 3 Ann 4 Gina 5 Scheer 6


If the army is not sent the millionaires will not come, because they are afraid of being killed




Education is not enough. Must stop the troops from coming.


Hundreds of thousands of American soldiers being killed and wounded in imperialist wars of aggression


Compile mailing list to South Korea-Soldiers, etc.

[end of diary]


Eldridge Cleaver's handwritten notes from his travels to North Korea in 1970 for the "U.S. People's Anti-Imperialist Delegation."


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Welcoming Message to Eldridge Cleaver, Kathleen Cleaver, and Robert Scheer upon their Arrival in North Korea

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September 9, 1971

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Letter from Eldridge Cleaver to David Hilliard

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September 28, 1969

Eldrirdge Cleaver's Notes on Korea

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September 1969

Eldridge Cleaver Notebooks, September 1969

Eldridge Cleaver's handwritten notes from his travels to North Korea in September 1969 for the "International Conference on Tasks of Journalists of the Whole World in their Fight against U.S. Imperialist Aggression."

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University of California, Berkeley, The Bancroft Library, BANC MSS 91/213 c, The Eldridge Cleaver Papers, 1963-1988, Carton 5, Folder 8. Obtained by Charles Kraus.


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