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June 22, 1945

Exceprt on Xinjiang from Minutes No. 46 of the VKP(b) CC Politburo Meetings

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[Handwritten:] Point 8 is in a classified repository



of the VKP(b) CC

(special Nº 46)


22 June 1945


8. Concerning Xinjiang


1. The armed forces of the insurgents are to be used to organize a defense of the Ili District from offensive operations of the Chinese forces.


Help the Provisional Government of East Turkestan spread the national liberation movement of Muslims in Tarbaghatay [Qoqek or Tachang], Altai, Aksu [Akesu], and Kashgar [Kashi] districts of Xinjiang at the same time as organizing a defense of the Ili [Yili] District.


2. to create intolerable conditions for the Chinese troops in Xinjiang help the insurgents of Ili District organize groups of insurgent saboteurs and send them to the cities of Urumqi, Kashgar, Shara-Sume [Altai], Chuguchak [Qoqek or Tacheng], Aksu, and others to carry out sabotage, mainly killing personnel and destroying equipment, and disrupting lines of communication.


3. Hold the NKO [People's Commissariat of Defense] (Cde. Bulganin) responsible for:


a) demobilizing 500 officers and 2,000 non-commissioned officers and men from the Red Army of Central Asian ethnic groups to use them in insurgent formations posing as residents of Xinjiang;


b) select captured weapons, mortar equipment, and ammunition for 15,000 men for the needs of insurgent detachments of Xinjiang Muslims.


4. Considering the possibility and need for the insurgents to use aircraft in combat operations against the Chinese forces recognize it advisable to exchange 36 aircraft seized from the Chinese by the insurgents for nine aircraft fit for use, of which three are SB [Translator's note: possibly "medium bombers"] and six are I-16 fighters.


5. Recommend to the Provisional Government of East Turkestan through the USSR NKVD representative Genera-Major Cde. Yegnarov:


a) organize the necessary preparatory measures and start allotting land to poor Muslims from land which previously belonged to Chinese landowners and merchants;


b) engage representatives of the workers of Muslim regions in the government who have been released from the Chinese forces and administration in order to democratize the government;


c) issue a domestic loan, introduce a tax system, and organize state trade to ease the financial situation of the government.


6. to help the Provisional Government of East Turkestan regulation administrative and economic activity hold the CP(b) CC's of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan responsible in coordination with the USSR NKVD for each selecting and sending to Ghulja [Yining] one experienced political official and one specialist in finance, trade, and health from among local ethnic groups.


7. Suggest that USSR Narkomvneshtorg expand the range of consumer goods sent in exchange for the raw material being received in trade with the Provisional Government of East Turkestan, taking into consideration the requests of the population of the regions liberated from Chinese administration.


Excerpts sent to:


Cdes. Molotov and Beria - everything; Bulganin - 8; the CP(b) CC of Kazakhstan and the CP(b) CC of Uzbekistan - 6 by cipher; Mikoyan and Krutikov - 7.


The CPSU Central Committee announces various measures to support the rebels in Ili, Xinjiang, and the East Turkestan Republic (ETR).

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RGASPI F. 17, Op. 162, D. 37, ll. 145-155. Obtained by Jamil Hasanli and translated by Gary Goldberg.


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