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June 26, 1967

Excerpt from Information Report Embassy Bucharest of 26 June 1967

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GDR Foreign Ministry

Department Southeastern Europe

Country Section Socialist Republic of Romania (SRR)



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from Information Report Embassy Bucharest of 26 June 1967



SRR – Korea


The Korean ambassador here in Bucharest informed us about the situation in South Korea in the context of its presidential elections. The American position in South Korea is said to become more difficult. Therefore the U.S. wants increasingly to get Japanese and West German imperialism involved. They follow in the footsteps of Hitler’s and Mussolini’s [World War II] cooperation with Japan. In Japan the polemics against the DPRK and the GDR are growing. After U.S. imperialism, the Japanese and West German imperialism are the most dangerous.


The Korean ambassador also reported that China permanently slanders Korea and Korea is responding in kind. It is obvious that China wants to organize an overthrow [of Kim Il Sung] in North Korea.


The DPRK press attaché here in Bucharest talked to us about Romanian positions on a range of issues (diplomatic relations with West Germany, [Warsaw Pact leaders meeting in April 1967 in Czech] Karlovy Vary, Israel etc.). He characterized the SSR policy with such phrases like: The SRR is making increasing efforts to withdraw itself from the camp of socialist countries. They foster egoistic and nationalist tendencies, and the SRR itself is moving toward a dangerous isolation from the socialist countries.



East German diplomats report on U.S. foreign policy in South Korea, and allege that China wishes to overthrow Kim Il Sung.


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PolA AA, MfAA, C 149/75. Translated for NKIDP by Bernd Schaefer.


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