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September 28, 1966

Excerpt from Protocol No. 41 of the RCP CC Permanent Presidium Meeting

September 28, 1966


Participants in the meeting were: Nicolae Ceausescu, Chivu Stoica, Ion Gheorghe Maurer, Gheorghe Apostol, Alexandru Barladeanu, Emil Bodnaras, Paul Niculescu-Mizil

The meeting began at 1200 hrs.

Nicolae Ceausescu presided.

Following the discussions, the RCP CC Permanent Presidium decided:

“To approve the position that the RS Romania party and government delegation, led by Ion Gheorghe Maurer, will adopt in the discussions that it will have with the Vietnamese side on the occasion of the visit they will make to the D.R. Vietnam.

Comrade Paul Niculescu-Mizil received in audience the Ambassador of the D.R. Vietnam in Bucharest to inform him on the discussions that took place in Moscow on the Vietnamese problem on the occasion of the visit of our party and state leadership regarding some military objectives, as well about the discussions comrade Corneliu Manescu had with A. Goldberg, the U.S. representative at the UN, in connection with the Vietnamese problem, underscoring that in the opinion of our party it would be useful to act – using the currently-existing favorable moment – to halt the U.S. bombardments in Vietnam.”


This document is an excerpt from Protocol No. 41 of the RCP CC Permanent Presidium Meeting that notes the discussions between Romania and the Soviet Union, and Romania and the United States, regarding the necessity of acting as soon as possible to stop US bombing in Vietnam.


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Document 9 in Niculescu-Mizil, România şi războiul americano-vietnamez (2008), pp. 190-191; Arhiva Comitetului Executiv al CC al PCR, Nr. 2433, 19.10.1966. Translated by Larry L. Watts


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