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February 24, 1947

Excerpt on Xinjiang from Minutes No. 57 of the VKP(b) CC Politburo Meetings

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(Special Nº 56)




of 24 February 1947


32. Concerning Xinjiang


In order to halt the hostile activity of Ospan Batyr [Osman Batur] Ismailov, the Governor of the Altai District of Xinjiang, which is directed against the interests of the Soviet Union in Xinjiang, the VKP(b) CC decrees:


1. Hold the USSR MGB responsible through the secret communications channels available to it for approving the measures against the bands of Ospan Batyr adopted by General-Lieutenant Iskhakbek Monunov, the Commanding General of the national forces in Xinjiang, and Dalelkhan Sugirbayev, Vice Governor of Altai District (he is also the commander of the Altai Regiment), and recommend to them that they pursue these bands until they are completely defeated and eliminated.


2. Hold the USSR MGB responsible through the same channels for proposing to Ahmed Kadyrov, the deputy chairman of the Xinjiang government, that he raise the issue before the Xinjiang government of the immediate removal of Ospan Batyr from the Xinjiang government and his removal from the post of Governor of Altai District, suggesting that Dalelkhan Sugirbayev be appointed Governor of Altai District.


The removal of Ospan Batyr is motivated by the fact that he avoids and does not carry out his responsibilities, has retired to his camp [SIC, stanovishche], does not wish to return to the district capital, does not take steps to maintain public peace and order in the district, and in particular does not fight the bands operating in the region of his camp and does not protect the population of the district from the raids of these bands.


3. Help Iskhakbek Monunov and Dalelkhan Sugirbayev with ammunition.


Hold the USSR MVD responsible for allocating the following ammunition to the USSR MGB for this purpose:


a) one million (Russian) rifle and heavy machinegun cartridges;


b) 100,00 light machinegun cartridges (German).


The transfer of the ammunition to Xinjiang is to be organized secretly and entrusted to the USSR MGB.


Excerpts have been sent to: Cdes. Molotov, Abakumov, and Malik - everything; Kruglov - 3.


The CPSU Central Committee announces measures "directed against" Ospan Batyr (Osman Batur).

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RGASPI F. 17, Op. 162, D. 38, ll. 154-55. Obtained by Jamil Hasanli and translated by Gary Goldberg.


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