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August 10, 1989

Exit by Aspirants/Interns and Students from the DPRK in the GDR

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Ministry for State Security

Main Department VI


Berlin, 10 August 1989



[To All 15 GDR]

District Administrations

for State Security

Department VI


via Deputy for Operations



Exit by Aspirants/Interns and Students from the DPRK in the GDR


Following a request by the DPRK Embassy to the GDR, from 1 September 1989 the exit by DPRK aspirants/interns and students in the GDR, including their exit to the DPRK, is to be granted only when they can present, in addition to their service or travel passport, an exit permit issued by the DPRK Embassy to the GDR.


Single or multiple exit is to be granted within the period indicated under “expiration”, and only to the state listed under “destination”.


The exit permit will be sealed but not signed.


All DPRK citizens have service or travel passports granting them visa-free entry and exit. On page 2 they contain respective stamps “DPRK Intern in the GDR”, “DPRK Aspirant in the GDR”, and “DPRK Student in the GDR”.


I ask you to train your employees accordingly and guarantee the implementation of this instruction.


(signed) Ziegenhorn


A report on exit permits for North Korean nationals in East Germany.


Document Information


BStU, ZA, HA X, 390, p. 21. Obtained and translated for NKIDP by Bernd Schaefer.


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