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October 11, 1958

File Note of Department IV Director Łobodycz

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October 11, file note of Department IV director regarding the opinion

of the chairman of the Socialist International about the Rapacki Plan


Warsaw, October 11, 1958

Top secret


File note


According to information of the PRP Diplomatic Mission to Vienna, deputy chancellor of Austria, de Pittermann (SPOe), when asked at dinner given by the Mission’s chargé d’affaires comrade Juryś about his attitude to the Rapacki Plan, he said that COMISCO does attaches no great military significance to the plan, but its moral significance would be enormous.


In Pittermann’s personal opinion, that Hungary cannot be covered by the plan, deprives it of any significance. The stationing of Soviet troops in Hungary is necessary in the interest of peace. The situation there is far from peaceful and after the troops are evacuated one can expect all kinds of surprises.2[1]5


/–/ Łobodycz


AMSZ, z. 10, w. 55, t. 52


25 The note was forwarded by courier to missions in Berlin, New York, Prague, Budapest, Bern, Washington, Geneva, Paris, Rome, Ottawa, Brussels, the Hague, London, Stockholm, Oslo, and Copenhagen.

Polish Department IV director reports on the opinion of Pitterman, the deputy chancellor of Austria, on the Rapacki Plan. Pittermann recognizes the moral significance of the plan, but finds Hungary's inclusion to be paramount.

Document Information


Polskie dokumenty dyplomatyczne 1958 (Warszawa: Polski Instytut Spraw Międzynarodowych, 2011), Document #243, p.615. Translated by Jerzy Giebułtowski.


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