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March 24, 1981

HSWP CC Foreign Affairs Department proposal on the development of tourism between Israel and Hungary

Hungarian Socialist Worker’s Party


Central Committee

Made in: 2 copies

Foreign Affairs Department

Budapest, 24 March 1981






submitted to the Politburo

Dr József Németh


The leaders of the Israeli Communist Party submitted a request to the Central Committee of HSWP to ensure that the Hungarian authorities ease the restrictions on the entry of Israeli citizens into Hungary.


According to the ICP a more flexible via policy would receive a favorable political response in progressive Israeli circles and could also mitigate the effects of anti-socialist propaganda in Israel.


The ICP also has financial interests in the visits of Israeli citizens to Hungary. Israeli tourism with a Bulgarian destination has been generating significant earnings for the foreign trade company of the party for years now. The company would like to expand its business activity in tourism in Hungary too.


The earnings of the party-owned company are used to support various activities of ICP.


We propose to grant the ICP’s request on condition that this year the entry of 2000 Israeli citizens will be permitted and that the quotas for the next years will be determined on the basis of the political experiences gained this year.


We have consulted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Economic Policy and Public Administration of the Central Committee on this proposal.


/János Berecz/



This proposal discusses the request of the Israeli Communist Party to ease the passage of Israelis into Hungary and suggests an entry quota of 2000 Israeli citizens for that year.

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MOL M-KS 288. F. 5/823. ő. e (1981.03.28.) 1R/67. Translated by András Bocz.


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