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June 2, 1976

Hungarian Embassy in the DPRK, Telegram, 2 June 1976. Subject: Visit of the president of Mali in the DPRK.

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[Foreign Minister] Heo Dam evaluated the visit that the Malian head of state [Moussa Traoré] had paid to the DPRK on May 14-19th as very successful. He added that the African—including Mauritanian—contacts of the Republic of Mali might be helpful for the DPRK. In the opinion of the fraternal [diplomats], the delegation was received at a high level. The first speech of the Malian head of state was a reserved one as far as international affairs and the adulation of the DPRK were concerned. He spoke on the achievements of the struggles in Indochina and Africa, on the assistance provided by the socialist countries, on the Middle East, and on [the proposal] to make the Indian Ocean a zone of peace. On the Korean question, Mali has adopted and supported the standpoint of the DPRK. The movement of the non-aligned countries was extensively covered during the negotiations and in the speeches.


The two sides are in agreement on that the 5th conference of the movement will be of historical significance. In his later speeches, the [Malian] head of state laid increasing stress on praising juche and Kim Il Sung. He called the achievements and experiences of the DPRK a model for the developing countries. The entourage of the head of state was composed mainly of economic experts. In the view of the Syrian ambassador, the agreement on economic and technical cooperation, which they signed, is not an important one. It has only political significance. The head of state made no request to the DPRK.


In the opinion of the Soviet ambassador, a section of the delegation specifically studied the structure of the Korean Workers’ Party and the party’s methods of operation. They intend to apply these experiences in the establishment of their party [the Democratic Union of the Malian People].


133 – Sz.

The telegram concerns a visit from the president of Mali to North Korea. Among the issues discussed was North Korea's participation in the Non-Aligned Movement and the establishment of economic relations between North Korea and Mali.


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MOL, XIX-J-1-j Mali, 1976, 94. doboz, 97-1, 003704/1976. Translated for NKIDP by Balazs Szalontai.


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