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April 6, 1973

Hungarian Embassy in Ethiopia, Telegram, 6 April 1973. Subject: DPRK-Ethiopian relations.

This document was made possible with support from ROK Ministry of Unification

In early April, a DPRK goodwill delegation visited Ethiopia. They conducted negotiations with the emperor and the premier, too. They also reached an agreement in principle on the establishment of diplomatic relations. They asked the Ethiopian government to support the issue of Korean unification at the next UN General Assembly.


According to the information provided by the Koreans, the negotiations were held in a friendly atmosphere. Their delegation was in contact with the Chinese embassy. On the last day of their visit, they visited the Soviet ambassador, and briefly informed him.


At the other socialist embassies, including ours, they left only a message that they had no time to contact us.  


[illegible signature]

This telegram discusses a North Korean delegation sent to Ethiopia to establish relations. The question of reunification was brought up briefly, as the delegation requested Ethiopia support it at the UN.


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MOL, XIX-J-1-j Korea, 1973, 68. doboz, 10, 002444/1973. Translated for NKIDP by Balazs Szalontai.


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