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September 12, 1947

Incoming Cable No. 16, Malik to Cde. Stalin





From Moscow

sent at 0350 12 September 1947

Received in Sochi for decipherment on 12 September 1947 at  0430


Incoming No. 16/sh


[Handwritten: Cde Stalin approves. P.]

[Handwritten: [illegible word, may possibly mean “Composed by”] Cde Malik [signature]


To Comrade STALIN


Pursuant to Cde Molotov’s instructions, I am submitting for your approval the draft response to Shtykov’s telegrams Nos. 663 and 669:


“It is premature to propose that the People’s Committee of North Korea and Korean Civil Administration of South Korea are directed to commence negotiations with respect to formation of the Provisional Korean Democratic Government.


We believe it is necessary to wait on the American government’s response to V.M. Molotov’s letter of 4 September, in which he again reiterated the proposal of the Soviet delegation of 26 August to create an advisory body, a Provisional All-Korean People’s Assembly, as a proposal that can alleviate the difficulties that the Joint Commission has encountered. After the American answer has been received, you will receive additional instructions.


Suggest to the American delegation holding the next meeting of the Joint Commission, at which you will announce that the Soviet delegation continues to insist on its proposals of 26 August.


Then point out that the Soviet delegation, in an attempt to speed up the work of the Joint Commission on establishing the Provisional Korean Democratic Government, finds it necessary that the Commission immediately commence the implementation of those American proposals of 12 August and the Soviet proposals of 26 August with respect to which the positions of both delegations are close.


Also propose that the Commission should immediately start reviewing the written proposals submitted by the democratic parties and pubic organizations, and that, after it has reviewed these proposals, it should start developing the structure of the Provisional Korean Democratic Government, as well as local government bodies (the Provisional Regulation), political platform, the procedure for selection of the government apparatus, as well as work on other issues.”


Cde Molotov agrees.


Awaiting your instructions.




Deciphered on 12 September 1947 at 0520. Printed in 2 copies. Nezlobin.


Stalin agrees to Malik's proposal regarding the situation in Korea, which calls for the creation of an All-Korean Temporary Assembly to resolve the peninsula's issues. The Soviet representative is to insist to the Americans that such a consultative body be established.

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RGASPI, f. 558, op. 11, d. 106, ll. 0052-0053. Contributed by Sergey Radchenko and translated by Angela Greenfield.


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