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May 4, 1988

Information Bulletin for Polish Party Leadership on Western Views of Poland



Supplement to Daily Information Bulletin, May 4, 1988.




Western analyses of the current social-political situation in Poland


The rash of strikes in some parts of the country continues to attract a lot of attention from Western governments and opinion-makers. We present below some of the reactions of those circles to the situation in Poland. [...]


3. Commentaries of Polish-language Western broadcasting stations


Reports on the continuing strikes in Poland remain a main theme for Polish-language Western broadcasters. The Polish section of RFE has the lead in this regard, devoting some 90% of its broadcasts to the subject. Just as in 1980-1981, the broadcasts aim to encourage and shape ongoing events, in some cases by putting on the air Polish opposition activists to mobilize the broad mass of Polish society to radicalize pay demands and spread the strikes.


In commentaries on the subject, the strikes are presented as a success for the opposition, which for years has aimed at changing the social-political system in Poland.




Comrade Wojciech Jaruzelski

[and 38 other named recipients]


This document is an example of analyses prepared for the top Party leadership on the content of Western broadcasts to Poland. It provides, without editorializing or pejorative clauses, an interpretation of the Western broadcasts.


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Institute for National Remembrance (IPN). Obtained by Lechoslaw Gawlikowski. Translated by A. Ross Johnson.


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